Criticism stings, especially on events and projects that have been months in the making.

So what do you do with criticism or negative feedback from an event?

Here are a few thoughts:

1. Did you prayerfully seek God’s will and direction for this event? If yes, than recognize Satan loves to mess with women on a mission for God.

2. What’s the source? Did this come from someone with a hard heart towards women’s ministry events? Did it come from someone who wants to see women’s ministry be even better and more effective?

3. Do others on your team agree/disagree with the criticism shared?

4. Are others saying the same thing?

5. Did it affect the outcome or the outreach of the event?

6. Recognize that your women attended the event for different reasons. Some came for the food. Some wanted to hear the speaker. Some came just because their friends came.

7. Your women are not all in the same place spiritually. Many will extend grace. Many recognize that a portion of the event may have just been for their sister in Christ in the next seat. Some will not.

8. Try to view things from a different perspective – a visitor, a new Christian, a seasoned member of the church, a young mom, a widow. Was the issue a personal issue, generational issue, or stage of life-specific issue?

Negative words can derail, depress, and disrupt your Women’s Ministry Team.

Take great care to weigh the feedback and prayerfully refine those things God is revealing to your team that need refinement.

Encourage your team (and yourself) to let go of the things that are trivial, divisional, and just not helpful.

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