The Door Prize Basket - Make certain everyone gets a gift they want!

Have you ever received a door prize that you really didn’t want?

Or maybe you received a door prize that you thought about re-gifting or even (gasp) donating?

A great way to give out door prizes everyone wants is to create a Door Prize Basket filled with an assortment of goodies.

This method has been a big hit for us in the past.

The key is providing many more items than you’ll give away, so no one gets the “leftovers”.

It’s also important to provide a wide range of items everything from scented soap/lotion to devotionals to small framed scripture cards.

Give them Jesus, but give them some other options too!

Ideas for your Door Prize Basket:

  1. Scented soap or lotion – almost everyone loves Bath and Body Works
  2. Pocket-sized Bible (no kidding – it was the first thing taken at one event!)
  3. Framed Scripture verses (keep an eye on the clearance area at LifeWay)
  4. King-sized chocolate bars
  5. Insulated cups (with verse)
  6. Devotional books
  7. Christian music CDs
  8. Personal Bible Studies
  9. Christian DVDs – Christian bookstores often run $5 specials
  10. Pretty notecard/note pad sets
  11. $5 gift cards for coffee, frozen yogurt, Chick-Fil-A
  12. Christian Fiction Books (just make sure you’ve read them!)

I try to keep each item around $5 or less (always shopping the clearance sections).

I’d much rather give out lots of small gifts to lots of women than a few large gifts to just a few.

Elaborate gift baskets lead to a large number of hurt feelings when their name isn’t called.

Smaller gifts tend to lessen the hurt feelings.

At a couple of Scrapbooking Events we were able to give a prize to everyone in attendance, while that’s not going to be the case in most situations, it sure was nice to be able to spoil everyone!

I love to order from  Christianbook . I did a little shopping and found some products that will make great door prizes. They are all around $5 or less (unless the price has changed).

(Please note: these are affiliate links. You do not pay a dime more, but I receive a small percentage that helps cover the cost of this blog.)


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Your turn to share: What tips do you have for distributing door prizes?


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