Why Facebook is no longer your Friend #womensministry

In September 2012 we set up a Facebook ministry page for the women in our church and community to get the latest Women’s Ministry information.

It worked really well for about a year.

Women were engaged. They were commenting and sharing our posts.

Without warning our stats plummeted. Posts were rarely viewed.

We had to face the fact that we could no longer rely on our Facebook ministry page posts to reach our women.

You may have noticed Facebook is doing strange things with page feeds (yes, even my Women’s Ministry Toolbox page). Unless you visit the particular page, you are missing many posts in your newsfeed.

Which means if you are relying on Facebook as a primary source of publicity you may want to re-think that strategy. Sorry!

Before you rush off and delete your ministry’s Facebook page, try these tips below.

Here are five things you can do to boost the visibility of your posts:

  1. Tag your team members in the post. Add their names after the information. Just make sure your team members are okay with this.
  2. Ask your women to “share” the post on their Facebook pages.
  3. Post photos of your events (weed out the bad photos – it will be appreciated!) and tag your women in the photos.
  4. Use your Facebook page. Post good, important information regularly. Keep in mind they may choose to “unlike” your page if they don’t find the information useful.
  5. Encourage your members to click the “follow” button for your page.

Your turn to share: Do you all find Facebook a helpful way to share information?

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