Debunking Summer Ministry Myths

Summer’s coming and many ministries in your church may be taking a summer sabbatical.

But should your Women’s Ministry follow suit?

Let’s take a look at some summer myths and how the truth might impact your team’s summer plans.

Myth #1 – People are busy taking vacations and won’t attend a women’s ministry Bible study or event.

Myth #2 – Summer’s a busy time for everyone.

Myth #3No one wants to do a Bible study during the summer.

Myth #4 – Our Women’s Ministry Team has work hard. They deserve a break and we’ll be okay if we don’t meet again until September.

So what’s really true?

Truth #1People take vacations year-round. Sometimes it’s easier for moms to get away in the evenings during the summer. No homework makes for less strict bedtime routines. And moms that have been home all day with their children are often looking for a break!

Truth #2 – Actually summer schedules are often less busy than other times of the year. Most schools are on break. Fewer sports teams have games and practices. Teachers that may struggle to attend events during the year often find it easier to attend summer church activities.

Truth #3Bible studies are surprisingly well-attended during summer months. It’s the perfect time to do a shorter study or two. One church I attended had a better turnout during the summer than during the school year for their evening Bible study. With many children’s church activities on break, those volunteers that aren’t usually able to attend Bible study can now do so.

Truth #4If you are planning a fall women’s ministry event of any kind, you definitely need to meet during the summer. Email and phone calls will not suffice. I’ve done it and my team let me know they did not ever want to feel that rushed or pressured again. They told me we needed to meet over the summer the following year.

Summer provides the opportunity to do some unique activities with the women in your church and community

Summer provides the opportunity to do some unique activities with the women in your church and community.

I don’t recommend planning a big conference or retreat over the summer, though if your women know far enough in advance, it can be done.

Consider attending a baseball game, taking a garden tour, attending a food truck rally, checking out a local craft fair or festival.

Don’t lose the momentum you’ve got going!

  • Many of your women rely on the Bible studies you offer to stay in the Word.
  • Many of them look forward to regularly connecting with other women in the church.
  • Don’t make your visitors wait until the fall to get plugged into what your women’s ministry is doing.

Women need Jesus every single day of the year. 

When we stop our activities in mid-May and break until early September, that’s easily 16 weeks without offering women the chance to study, fellowship, grow, and build relationships with each other.

Your turn to share: Will your team offer summer women’s ministry activities? Why or why not?

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