Are you Made like Martha? If so, this book is for you! Check out my book review of Made Like Martha: Good News for the Woman Who Gets Things Done

I love to make lists.

I may have a tendency to check items off my list with great amounts of gusto. *wink

When I heard about the launch team forming for a new book by Katie. M. Reid titled “Made Like Martha: Good News for the Woman Who Gets Things Done” I jumped at the opportunity.

If ever a book title described my life, it was this one!

I admit I approached the book with quite a bit of apprehension. Would this be an attempt to turn this Martha girl into a Mary? The subtitle led me to believe there was good news – not criticism – for my Martha tendencies.

In Made Like Martha, Katie invites fellow Martha’s to exchange try-hard striving for hope-filled freedom.

The good news is that we don’t have to toss out our lists in the process! (Praise God!)

Katie unpacks the truth that our desire to get things done is not something to temper but something to embrace as we serve from a place of strength and peace – knowing that Christ already did His most important work for you on the cross.

If you’re a girl, like me, who’s Martha ways sometimes cross the line into bondage (I have to finish this task! I must get this done!), I pray you’ll take the journey and find the freedom offered ultimately through Christ.

Katie, as a fellow Martha, shares thoughts and stories that resonate deeply.

Because of my ultraresponsible approach, I have taken on things that aren’t mine to carry. I am weighed down with trying to play the Holy Spirit and take care of things outside the territory that He has given me.

For me, the book was not an easy, quick read. Putting my Martha tendencies under a microscope, wasn’t a fun or comfortable process. But it was needed.

When you’re used to operating under the perception that you can handle it, manage it, and produce it through your own strength and intellect, it’s easy to forget your desperate need for the Savior.

Does my get-it-done attitude point other toward me and my capabilities or to Christ? As a follower of Christ and also as a women’s ministry leader I “want my actions to communicate that Jesus is already enough for me.”

Chapter 8 “Easy Does It – Rest for the Try-Hard Soul” was my favorite chapter. Having just returned from a week-long vacation with family at the beach, rest was fresh on my mind and heart.

This Martha struggles to rest. There’s always a long list of to-do’s I think I need to tackle. Katie admits “rest can be tricky for modern Martha’s. We often must work at relaxing, because it doesn’t come naturally for us.”

Work at resting. Yep! I had done just that. I prepped my blog post and social media posts before our trip and intentionally limited my time on my laptop and social media. I didn’t post a single vacation pic until we returned home as I knew I’d just get caught up in “the scroll”. The extra work prior was totally worth it!

No matter what your Martha tendencies may be, you’ll find hope and encouragement in Made Like Martha.

The back of the book also contains a Bible study. Bible study participants utilize these 5 study tools:

  1. Marking keywords
  2. Making list
  3. Studying action words
  4. Looking up Greek definitions
  5. Cross-referencing

There are a total of 5 Bible study lessons. Each lesson corresponds with two chapters of the book. The study follows the WORD format (Worship, Observe, Reflect, Do).

I’d suggest stretching your Bible study into 6 or 7 weeks. Add an intro/getting-to-know-you week and add an extra week for reflecting on the lessons learned overall and celebrating the end of your time together. That extra time together will allow relationships to form and grow.

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I encourage you to check out Katie’s site here and follow her on Facebook.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of Made Like Martha in exchange for my review and participation. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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