Online and physical resources for the READ Bible study method.

You’ve likely landed on this page because you are using READ: A Bible Study Plan for Unpacking God’s Word for your daily quiet time or in a small group Bible study.

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The READ Bible study method requires only 4 materials:

  1. A Bible
  2. A commentary
  3. Another Bible translation
  4. READ weekly worksheets (available here and here)

Thankfully you can easily find free Bible translations and commentaries online. You can also access commentaries through many Bible apps on your smartphone.  

Below you’ll find links to my recommended online and physical Bible study resources.

Keep in mind that all resources are written from the author’s personal theological stance. For example, a commentary may be more Baptist or Reformed leaning. You may find it helpful to ask your pastor for a list of their preferred references. 

Online Bible Study Resources

You’ll want to use these resources when searching for the chapter’s introduction (to answer the “w” questions) and if you need a commentary or a dictionary.

Bible Study Tools
Blue Letter Bible

Physical Bible Study Resources

As you learn how to dig deeper and unpack God’s Word, you may wish to purchase a few Bible study materials. I’ve listed some of my favorites below.

Study Bibles

CSB Study Bible
ESV Study Bible
NIV Study Bible


The Wiersbe Bible Commentary OT (current set I use)
The Wiersbe Bible Commentary NT
 What the Bible is All About (abbreviated commentary, great insights)
Women’s Evangelical Commentary: New Testament
Women’s Evangelical Commentary: Old Testament

Additional Bible Study Tools

These are tools I keep on hand, but I don’t use them every day. They are handy to have if I want to dig deeper or need a visual resource.

A Visual Theology Guide to the Bible: Seeing and Knowing God’s Word
New Strong’s Concordance
NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible (focus on culture)
Rose Book of Bible Charts, Maps, and Timelines
Stephen M. Miller’s Illustrated Bible Dictionary

If you are new to studying the Bible, I would strongly suggest The Complete Guide to the Bible. It’s really good and isn’t overwhelming in the amount of information presented.

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