Women's Ministry Planning Using Pinterest

One of the very best places to find Women’s Ministry ideas right now is Pinterest!

Here are some ways to use Pinterest in planning your Women’s Ministry:

  1. Follow other Women’s Ministry boards to keep fresh ideas coming your way.
  2. Follow your favorite speaker on Pinterest.
  3. Regularly search Pinterest. Type “women’s ministry” in the search box. You can also search using hashtags.
  4. Install Pinterest on your favorites bar so you can easily pin ideas as you find them.
  5. Set up a Pinterest site for your Women’s Ministry Team – use it to share ideas and inspiration with your team members.
  6. Pin training and music videos.

Whether you opt to have one board, or many. The different ideas you could collect are endless!

Board Ideas:

  1. Baby showers
  2. Bible studies
  3. Bible verses
  4. Bridal showers
  5. Christmas ideas
  6. Craft ideas
  7. Decorations
  8. Fellowships
  9. Food
  10. Gifts/door prizes/happies
  11. Icebreakers
  12. Inspirational Quotes
  13. Leadership
  14. Loving on Others
  15. Mission Projects
  16. Mentoring
  17. Planning
  18. Prayer
  19. Publicity
  20. Retreat locations
  21. Retreat themes
  22. Speakers
  23. Supplies
  24. Volunteers

Tip: Make sure the link works (unless you’re only saving it for the idea in the photo).

Secret boards are hidden from public view on Pinterest and they are an awesome ministry planning tool!

We’ve successfully used Secret Pinterest Boards (you’ll have to manually share the board with others on your team) to plan our last retreat. We were able to easily save and share ideas for our retreat – without the rest of our friends and women at church being able to see them!

What other ways to do you use Pinterest in planning?

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