Tip 3 - Making Room for More

Ever been surprised by the number of women who have registered for an event?

Have you struggled with turning away women at the door?

Do you long to have more tables at your table event, but can’t figure out how to squeeze one more in the room?

Trade out your round tables for rectangular tables.

Yep. That’s it!

You can fit more rectangular tables (and more chairs) into the same space.

Yes, I know some of your women that LOVE to decorate are going to be upset about losing the decoration space at the center of the table.

Remind them that we never want to send away anyone God has sent to an event and assure them that you know they can be creative and rise to the challenge.

Rectangular tables make for more intimate conversations.

As a bonus, you’ll find your women are able to converse much more easily with each other when they aren’t seated so far apart.

Your turn to share: Do you use round or rectangular tables at your events?

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