31 Women's Ministry Tips - Day 13 Volunteer Visibility

Tip 13 is all about making sure the women at your event can easily identify your volunteers.

Your volunteers need to be visible.


  • Will have questions that need to be answered. Where’s the bathroom?
  • May need a pen, Band-Aid, program, etc.
  • Will get lost or turned around and need directions.
  • Can fall ill and need a place to rest  – and in rare cases medical attention.
  • Need to know who to give their door prize slip or prayer request to.

In a sea of women, how can you make your volunteers visible?

volunteers need to be visible

Provide something unique for all of them to wear. Notice I didn’t say outrageous or obnoxious!

Such as:

  • Scarf
  • Bandana
  • Special name tags
  • Shirts
  • Leis

Your turn to share: How do you make your volunteers visible?

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