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Retreats October 6, 2015

Day 6 – Different Types of Retreats

Different Types of Retreats

Retreats come in many shapes and sizes.

Prayerfully consider which type of retreat God is asking you to plan for your women in this season.

You may host one time of retreat this year and a different type of retreat the next.

Conferences August 1, 2014

Why retreat?

Today I am excited to introduce you to Debby Summers . She blogs over at Retreat In a Bag.

Debby’s site is a fantastic resource for all things related to Women’s Ministry retreats – with many ideas applicable to other women’s ministry events. And if you’re looking for skits – there are bunches on her site!

Be sure you check her site out!

I just love what she shares with us today about why we need to retreat!

Why Retreat - Why your women need to experience regular retreats. #womensministry

I’m a big proponent of women’s retreats. I wish I could persuade every church that an annual overnight women’s retreat is a necessity. And by “retreat,” I’m not talking about a weekend away for relaxation, entertainment, fun and fellowship–although those things should certainly be elements of any retreat. But in my opinion, the priority and focus of a retreat should be to give women a time of serious study in God’s Word and allow for personal prayer and reflection, as well as prayer and fellowship with one another.

My kids grew up in a Christian home and went to a Christian schools. But I think that they would tell you that the turning points in their lives, spiritually speaking, happened at youth retreats and camps. Why? I think perhaps it is because they were away from their daily routines and distractions, giving God a chance to speak to them in an environment where they could listen and hear Him more clearly.

It is no different for us women. Extended moments with God are precious and few. Our busy lifestyles rarely allow that time away from routine and the cares of home, family and work. We have so many things that distract us from choosing “that which is needful”–time at the feet of Jesus. A two- or three-day retreat gives women that time to de-stress and focus on God and how He is speaking to them. In turn, that time with Him opens the door for greater change and transformation, as well as “times of refreshing in the presence of the Lord” (Acts 3:19).

Blue-Logo-150x150Debby Summers became a Christian when she was twelve years old. She is married, with two grown children and one grandchild. Her son and his wife are serving the Lord in China.

Debby has attended Calvary Chapel in Dallas for over 30 years, and has been involved with women’s ministry both as a participant, a leader and a teacher. Women’s ministry had had a great impact on her life and walk with the Lord. Women’s Bible studies, women’s events and women’s retreats have been life-changing. One of her passions is promoting and encouraging women’s ministry; the website is one avenue where she shares what they have learned, and skits they have written for women’s ministry.



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