Don't make this mistake with your team this summer!

I’m all for the idea of taking a break over the summer and giving your team time to rest.

However doing so last year taught me a rather painful lesson.

Failing to meet over the summer negatively impacted our biggest event of the year.
  • We were short on time.
  • Our planning was rushed.
  • Our registration team took the biggest hit. There wasn’t time for sufficient training.
  • It put pressure on our church staff when it came to publicizing the event.

Taking a summer break was a bad idea.

We even noted it on our Post Event Evaluation Form.

A summer meeting would have made a HUGE difference.

Sometimes the best lessons are the hardest ones.

If I had it to do over again, we would have had an hour of socializing (maybe a cookout in my backyard) followed by an hour of planning.

Summer can be a great time to do something a little different and fun with your team, but please don’t skip meeting altogether…

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