Learn How to READ the bible

 The READ Bible Study format provides everyone with the tools to study the Bible on their own.

 my bible study excuses - maybe they are yours too!

  • ​I'm not smart enough to study scripture on my own. I don't have a seminary degree.
  • I don't know how to get started. I need someone to give me some guidance.
  • Just reading my Bible can be so dry and boring at times.
  • I've got a busy schedule and don't have hours a day to spend studying the Bible. 

Those were the excuses I gave God in the late spring of 2016.

Thankfully God placed resources in my path which led me to uncover a pattern for studying scripture that works!

We launched the READ Bible study method at my church in the fall of 2016 and continued into the Spring of 2017.

Our women love it! They are more confident and knowledgeable about God's Word.

Four books of the Bible later, I'm ready to share the READ Workbook with you!

If you want to use the READ Bible Study Method for your group - check out the READ for Groups page here.

Learn how to read the Bible

Discover a deeper, more rewarding quiet time!

In the READ Workbook you will discover:

the ultimate 26-page guide

A printable PDF workbook. Each part of the READ study system is thoroughly defined and explained.

Flexible Guided Worksheets

The READ worksheet format can be used to study any book of the Bible.

Study pacing options

Complete the study at your own pace or choose to follow a 4 or 6 day READing plan.

Additional resources

Links to suggested resource materials including commentaries and Bible translations.

About the Author

Cyndee Ownbey is the founder of Women's Ministry Toolbox. She's served as a Bible Study Fellowship Discussion Group Leader, Bible study faciliator, and at three different churches on their Women's Ministry Teams. 

Cyndee has been a regular attendee of Bible studies for almost 20 years. A former teacher and regular blogger, it's no surprise that God led her to combine her love for writing and for Bible study in this new Bible study resource.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the READ Bible Study Workbook cost?

It costs just $10 and you can use it to study ANY book of the Bible! You can print out as many copies of the worksheets for personal use as you would like. Purchases are made using PayPal.

How will the READ workbook be delivered? ​

The workbook is a downloadable electronic PDF file. You will receive an email with the download link. It is designed to be printed back-to-back with space for hole punches should you want to put it in a binder.

How much time does it take to do Bible study using the READ format?

Expect to spend 15-20 minutes studying the Bible if you follow the 4 or 6 day reading plan included in the workbook. Most of our women spent about 1-2 hours total completing their READ worksheet. The deeper you choose to dig, the more time it will take.

How much of the Bible am I expected to read each week?

I suggest you focus on just one chapter a week. If you're tackling a longer book of the Bible, you may want to double-up and cover two chapters a week. This pace allows you to really sit and soak in God's Word. It also gives you time to explore on a deeper level.

Are you ready to dig into God's Word?

You can learn to read the Bible by yourself - without a famous Bible study author or your Pastor leading the way.  The READ Workbook gives you the tools and I'll walk you through how to use them. You can learn to love Bible study again!

Terms of purchase

Please note this workbook if for individual use only. If you'd like to use this material as you mentor or disciple another women, you will each need to purchase a copy. If you are interested in the group study option click here!