Do your women know who they are in Christ? Encourage them to shed the labels they claim and discover their identity in Christ.

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Throughout elementary, middle, and high school, my happy place was the stage.

Plays and musicals allowed me to create a new identity for myself. I was no longer the nerdy, outcast but the magical Glenda the Good Witch, the soprano nightingale Jenny Lind, or a 50’s clad high schooler mooning over the Teen Angel in Grease.

When I was accused of being “dramatic,” I received it as a compliment, not the insult which it was intended. I was proud to be labeled as dramatic, confident that God had created me to be that way.

I earned that label via more than a  few emotional outbursts, spoiled temper-tantrums, and a couple of intense break-ups.

It wasn’t until my college years that I heard the Lord whisper to my heart, “that’s not how I made you.”

But, oh, how I wanted it to be! If God made me dramatic then my behavior was justified and acceptable, but if He didn’t then I was nothing more than a disobedient brat.

I’ve often thought about how my attitude and behavior changed once I accepted my identity in Christ.

I was still far from perfect, but those emotional outbursts occurred less frequently and I felt a check in my spirit when my reactions were over the top.

What labels do the women you shepherd claim?

A quick scroll through social media highlights a few of these labels.

  • I’m an enneagram 3.
  • I am fat.
  • I’m a bad mom.
  • I’m strong-willed.

Identities based on job titles, clothing sizes, marital status, clothing brands, children’s behaviors, bank account balances, social media likes, and checklists.

Every. Single. One. A lie.

God created each one of us in the image of Christ. (See Ephesians 1 and 2.)

Saved. Chosen. Redeemed. Forgiven. Adopted. Loved.

When your women find their identity in the One who created them, it will change their whole perspective.

Through the latest Kendrick Brothers film, Overcomer, we can invite and encourage our women to wrestle with this question – What do you allow to define you?

The #1 inspirational family film of 2019, Overcomer shines a bright light on the struggles of a young girl and her coach as they both wrestle with that question.

Here’s a quick synopsis: Life changes overnight for basketball coach John Harrison and the high school where he and his wife teach when they learn the largest manufacturing plant in town is shutting down. Uncertainty swirls as hundreds of families depart, leaving John fearful for the future of his family and his team. Forced to coach a sport he doesn’t even like, John is inspired by an unexpected friendship, and an unlikely athlete pushing her limits on a journey toward discovery. With newfound resolve and the support of the community, Hannah and her coach challenge the impossible in the biggest race of her life. 

As part of a special celebration of the release of Overcomer on Blue-ray and DVD, I received a gift box from the Overcomer team.

Check it out below!

In addition to using the Overcomer movie to launch a discussion (resources available here) about our identity in Christ, consider hosting a book club or Bible study using the Overcomer Bible study book or Defined Bible study kit.

Lord, help our women to discover who they are in Christ. Help us all as we seek to become more like Him.

Find out more:
Overcomer Website

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by the Overcomer movie and Telling Ministries. All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal view.


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