Loving Others with Food

Today I’m highlighting two ideas for loving others with food.

One is practical and the other, well, not so much, but it’s chocolate and chocolate makes everything better. Right?

First up is a site you’ll want to bookmark and use often. It’s called Take Them a Meal.

take them a meal(source)

I SO wish I had thought to create this site – it’s brilliant!!

Take Them a Meal allows you to coordinate meals for friends and family in need. You can include notes, allergy info, food dislikes, directions for delivery, etc. for everyone to see. It’s all password protected and secure. The site even sends our reminders to each meal provider. Love it!!

We’ve used this several times within our church. It is SUPER easy. I even know of a list that encouraged restaurant gift cards (their son was frequently hospitalized which meant they weren’t often home for dinner).

Use it and share it with others at your church.

Food is one of the easiest, most practical ways to help others in need.

Now onto the chocolate!

Stop and think for a minute of all of the women you know who could use a hug.

The neighbor whose husband is deployed.

The friend who miscarried.

The new widow.

The mom pulling her hair out trying to make it through the preschool years.

The single mom.

The college student miles from home.

The women in a difficult marriage.

I present to you Chocolate Cake – Hug in a Mug (with a free printable gift tag)!

Go bookmark or Pin it and keep your eyes open for cute, inexpensive mugs that are microwave safe (check Dollar Tree, Wal-Mart, Target, etc.).

Chocolate Cake Hug In A Mug(source)

Go. Love.

Be Jesus.

Encourage your women to “be Jesus” too.

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