Evening Womens Bible Study in Panama

My husband and I recently traveled with SCORE International to Panama. We tagged along with Justin, our former Youth Pastor, his wife, Megan, and the College and Career Class from our former church.

It was our first-ever mission trip.

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be sharing specifically about how we “did women’s ministry” in Panama.

You never know when God may send you to love on women in another country or another community.

It is my hope and prayer that my experiences will encourage and equip as you seek to be obedient to Him.

Our week was full! Here’s a quick overview.

Our group:

  1. Led 6 children’s programs for children in 5 different communities (including two ESL classes).
  2. Headed up worship on Sunday in two different communities.
  3. Held a teen girls Bible study.
  4. Led two women’s Bible studies in the community of Chepo.
  5. Gathered with young women at the mall for Bible study.
  6. Took down a house and poured the foundation for a community center (mostly the guys did this).
  7. Rode a boat on the Chargres River, hiked to a waterfall, and loved on the Embera people.

One of the first women’s ministry activities we were able to help with was an evening Bible study.

Monday night was our Bible study night. We met at a local mall (which, by the way was HUGE).

Marianella, one of the missionaries we were working with, regularly holds Bible studies on Monday night with a group of young women. Most are single, some are in college, and some are working.

Thankfully most of the women are learning to speak English. Several meat plates were ordered for our group to share at our tables (chorizo, chicken, steak, fried plantains, fries, and yucca).

Meat Plate at the Mall in Panama

Just like many church events you’ve attended, we fellowshipped while we ate.

I learned that the impressive 19-year-old young woman, Mary, who sat across from me is studying aeronautic engineering.

Megan, the Youth Pastor’s wife, led a lesson on Joshua. We discussed how following God’s will can be difficult. And how, like Joshua, we need to be obedient, follow the law, and not be afraid.

Two of our young women shared testimonies about what God is doing in their life right now.

Bible study at the mall in Panama

I was in awe that these women are obviously so hungry for God’s Word.

Each brought their Bibles to the mall along with a notebook and furiously took notes as we worked through our lesson. Oh, if only all of our women in the States, were to take studying God’s Word that seriously!

We snapped a few photos of our group before departing.

Monday Night Bible Study Group Photo

Photo compliments of Marianella – taken in Panama May 2016

There are three things I hope I never forget from our evening Bible study:

  1. Women throughout the world need to spend time studying God’s Word together.
  2. Women share the same struggles no matter where they live or what language they speak.
  3. A Bible study delivered in two languages can be a blessing to all involved!

Our time with those women was relatively short and I hated leaving knowing that we would likely never see them again this side of Heaven.

God had a surprise for me when I returned home. One of the women in our group “friended” me on Facebook! It never occurred to me that we’d be able to stay in contact with any of the women we met that night! God is so good!

Missionaries around the world are hosting similar Bible studies in dozens (hundreds?) of languages every week. Would you join me in praying for them?

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