Episode 9 of Gather and Glean dives deep into retreat planning. Don't miss these great tips!

In this episode of Gather and Glean, we’ll tackle the topic of retreat planning.

Whether you’ve already begun to plan your next retreat or you’re debating how best to get started, you’ll want to check out these tips and ideas on retreat planning.

In this episode:

  1. We’ll take a close look at a great retreat icebreaker.
  2. I answer the much-asked question, “How do you choose your retreat theme?”
  3. You won’t want to miss my top 3 retreat planning tips!
  4. I share my recommendation for the one tool you need that will help you plan the best retreat yet.
  5. I wrap things up by showing the gifts we all received at our church’s retreat just a few weeks ago.

Links featured in the video:

Meet Your Match Icebreaker 

EVERYTHING You Need to Know about Planning a Retreat

Retreat Goodie Bags and Gifts

Amy Carroll’s thoughts on speaking to your niche

Classic Prayers for Every Need (affiliate link)

Related links:

Icebreaker & Games

In these days where busyness rules, offering retreats for our women is even more important. We need to provide space where they can unplug from the world and recharge their spirits by spending time in God’s Word and intentionally focused on Christ.

May God abundantly bless your retreat plans!

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