Ideas and tips for using icebreaker games at your women's ministry event.

You may have already figured out that I love using icebreaker games at women’s ministry events!

Icebreaker games provide opportunities to build community.

Icebreaker games bond women over shared experiences and personal preferences.

And, let’s be honest, icebreaker games are just fun!

In today’s episode of Gather and Glean:

  1. We take a close-up look at my very first (and most popular) icebreaker game post.
  2. I walk you through 4 icebreaker “do’s” and “don’ts”.
  3. You’ll want the details on this beautiful and fun icebreaker tool I recommend from DaySpring.
  4. We talk about chocolate and icebreakers. (Score!)
  5. I’ve pulled out some fun photos for Show & Tell.

In this video I share several stories you aren’t going to want to miss!

Links featured in the video:

The Great Candy Pass
What’s inside your car? (Scavenger Hunt)
The Complete List of Icebreakers and Games
Why I Don’t Do Bible Games
DaySpring Conversation Starter Jar (affiliate link)

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God can use icebreakers do break down cliques and build bridges between women who’s paths might not have crossed otherwise.

Won’t you use an icebreaker game at your next women’s ministry event?

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