Gather and Glean Episode 6 - Photo Booth Fun - Great ideas and tips for the photo booth at your next women's ministry event.

Creating a photo booth has become a popular trend at women’s ministry events and with good reason!

Photo booths encourage women to smile and laugh.

They can be fairly simple and inexpensive to pull together.

And the free publicity provided by photo booths as your women post on social media is golden!

Episode 6 of Gather and Glean is all about Photo Booth Fun.

You’re not going to want to miss these tips on backgrounds, props, and photos!

In this episode:
  1. Get a close-up look at the Mother’s Day Left Right Icebreaker Game – that can be easily adapted for any women’s ministry event.
  2. I reveal my number one source for photo booth inspiration – and it’s free!
  3. Gather and glean some great tips on photo booth props, backdrops, and photo taking.
  4. Find out where you can print out photo booth props for free!
  5. Be inspired by the photos of photo booths in the Show & Tell portion of the show.

And don’t miss the tip about involving younger women! Something I know many leaders struggle with.

Links featured in the video:

Mother’s Day Left Right Story
Kristen Duke’s Free Photo Booth Props
Photo Booth Props on Amazon (affiliate link)

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Photo Booth Ideas for Your Retreat

Wasn’t that great!

I love all of the visual inspiration! It’s so neat to see what other leaders are doing across the country and around the world.

May your photo booth bring an extra bit of laughter and fun to your next women’s ministry event!

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