Episode 2 of Gather and Glean: Christmas Tips

I’m back with a new episode of Gathering and Glean!

Ya’all I’ve spent hours trying to improve the quality of the video.

I shot and re-shot this video.

I tried to tweak the camera settings. But it wan’t the camera. I checked and re-checked the software set-up.

Only to discover it was my lighting! The batteries on my portable lights had been slowly dying and all that I needed to do was tap into the power of some new batteries.

God was quick to remind me, how many times do I (we) neglect to tap into the power of the Holy Spirit and waste hours trying to fix things myself (ourselves)?!


In today’s episode I:

1. Highlight the Left Right Nativity Game – you’ll want to add this to your Christmas fellowship!

2. Share a December planning tip – instead of a “do” this one’s a “don’t”.

3. Answer a viewer’s question – How do you decided what to do?

4. Share a secret resource for Christian books and resources that I’ve never revealed – ever!

5. Feature an idea that might help you overcome a big scheduling issue in Show and Tell.

6. Give you the opportunity to win a Christmas door prize – see details below!

Mentioned in the video:

Left Right Nativity Game
Should you cancel?
Library and Educational Services

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As always, be sure to submit your questions and Show & Tell information via Facebook, comments, and email (cyndeeATwomensministrytoolboxDOtcom). I look forward to hearing from you!

Giveaway Details:

To be eligible to win, you must comment on this post, the related Facebook post, or on the YouTube video by midnight EST on Tuesday, November 21, 2017. Winners will be contacted on Wednesday, November 22 and will have 24 hours to respond to claim their prize and a new winner will be selected if necessary. Two winners will be chosen. Winners must reside in the US.

Please note: Don’t miss next week’s post – I’m featuring a brand-new, original Christmas Left Right Game.

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