Episode 2 of Gather and Glean: Christmas Tips

I’m back with a new episode of Gathering and Glean!

Ya’all I’ve spent hours trying to improve the quality of the video.

I shot and re-shot this video.

I tried to tweak the camera settings. But it wasn’t the camera. I checked and re-checked the software set-up.

Only to discover it was my lighting! The batteries on my portable lights had been slowly dying and all that I needed to do was tap into the power of some new batteries.

God was quick to remind me, how many times do I (we) neglect to tap into the power of the Holy Spirit and waste hours trying to fix things myself (ourselves)?!


In today’s episode I:

1. Highlight the Left-Right Nativity Game – you’ll want to add this to your Christmas fellowship!

2. Share a December planning tip – instead of a “do” this one’s a “don’t”.

3. Answer a viewer’s question – How do you decide what to do?

4. Share a secret resource for Christian books and resources that I’ve never revealed – ever!

5. Feature an idea that might help you overcome a big scheduling issue in Show and Tell.

6. Give you the opportunity to win a Christmas door prize – see details below!

Mentioned in the video:

Left Right Nativity Game
Should you cancel?
Library and Educational Services

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