I’m always on the look-out for a fresh icebreaker to add to my toolbox.

This Either/Or Icebreaker game is quick, easy, and great for all sizes of groups.

It’s perfect for a women’s ministry event, Bible study, small group, or Sunday School gathering.

With 5 different ideas for using the questions, you can even use the game more than once!

It’s similar to my Christmas: Pick-a-Side Icebreaker, but with questions that are suitable any time of year.

Everything you need is packaged up neatly in a free, downloadable PDF.

The free PDF contains:

  • The Master List of all 7 categories of Either/Or Icebreaker Questions
  • Bible-themed questions for groups of believers
  • 5 different ways to use Either/Or Icebreaker to build community
  • Free printable pages ready for you to print and use
Click the link below for the free PDF file:

Either Or Icebreaker Game

Either/Or Icebreaker Game

Group size:  4 or more

Time needed:   5 – 10 Minutes, depending on which version

Supplies need:  Copy of the questions

Instructions: Please note suggested group sizes. Divide large groups into multiple small groups as needed.

Version 1- Match Game (Any Size Group):

Divide your group into pairs. Give each participant one of the Match Game Either/Or Cards. There are 8 different cards – you’ll want to make sure each member of the pair does not have the same card before starting. Reader #1 continues reading questions on their list as long as their answers match. When the pair has different answers, Reader #2 begins reading through their list. Play continues alternating back and forth until the questions on both cards have been completed.

Version 2 – Round Robin (Small Groups 8-10):

Print and cut apart the Either/Or Questions and place them inside of a bag. Have the group sit in a circle. Pass the bag around the circle. Have each person draw a question and share their answer.

Version 3 – What would I say? (Small Groups 8 – 10)

Print, cut, and place the Either/Or Questions inside of a bag or bowl. Have each person draw a question and read it aloud. Have the group vote to decide which answer they think they’ll choose and then have them reveal their answer to the group before moving onto the next person.

Version 4 – Why? (Groups 8 – 20)

Choose one Either/Or Question for the entire group to answer. Take turns having each group member share their answer as well as a reason why. NOTE: This could easily take more than 10 minutes if you have a chatty group – either keep it moving or plan accordingly.

Version 5 – Pick a Side (Any Size Group)

Place a long strip of painters tape along the floor (with space for your group to stand on each side). While the group is still seated, explain that you’re going to play a game that forces them to “Pick a Side”. Their personal preference will determine which side of the line they’ll stand on. For example, if they prefer tea, they’ll stand on the right side of the line, and if they prefer coffee, they’ll stand on the left side of the line. Once the directions have been made clear, instruct the group to get up and stand on the line. Read through the choices one at a time, encouraging the group to quickly “Pick a Side” after both options are given. Remind them that they need to pick one – no standing in the middle! Choose no more than 20 Either/Or Questions from the list and stop while the group is still having fun.


The Bible-themed Either/Or Questions: I only recommend you use the Bible-related questions with groups of committed believers such as your women’s ministry team. You never want to embarrass a young believer or someone who has no church background. (You may want to read my post: Why I don’t do Bible Games). While applicable for any of the versions of play, asking “Why?” could generate some interesting insight and discussion.

Some of your women will fuss about having to pick one. Encourage them to do so anyway! Gently let them know you won’t hold them to their selection and that you realize some choices may be the lesser of two evils.

Here’s a sample of the Either/Or Questions:
  • Cooking or Cleaning
  • Dinner or Movie
  • Boots or Sandals
  • Bracelet or Necklace
  • Cinderella or Wonder Woman
  • Chocolate or Vanilla
  • Fruits or Vegetables
  • Cable or Streaming
  • Calling or Texting
  • Car Windows Up or  Down

There are a total of 94 Either/Or Questions to choose from. Use just one or use them all!

May God bless our groups with time to build relationships and have fun together!

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