Do your women know how to reach you

Before you answer “yes”, let me share a recent experience I had with you.

A couple of months ago we had some workers show up unexpectedly at our house at 8:30 AM.

Normally that wouldn’t be a problem. But it was my Bible study morning.

I was in charge of the prayer request notebook, which was sitting in my living room.

As much as I wanted to be at the Bible study, I needed to be home.

I had less than an hour to try to contact the Women’s Ministry Director while trying to get our youngest son dropped off at school.

At every red light I pulled out my phone and searched my emails for a phone number.

I knew she’d given it to me at some point but I could not find it…

The only thing I could think of at the time was to send an email and to pray that she would check it before the study started.

Unfortunately she didn’t see it.

I should have put her info in my cell phone the very first day of our Bible study meeting.

It was probably on the first day agenda that she had passed out. But I didn’t know where that was either.

Admittedly, failing to collect and send out the prayer requests wasn’t a “huge” deal, but I would have preferred to let them know I wasn’t coming so someone else could have taken over that duty for the day.

Thankfully I wasn’t the Bible study leader or a childcare worker.

There are going to be times your women will need to reach your quickly.

There are going to be times your women will need to reach you quickly:

  • A sick child may need to be retrieved from school.
  • A migraine or vertigo could strike suddenly leaving them unable to drive.
  • A family emergency may require them to bail as your group leader, event coordinate, hostess, or other role.
  • A garage door may refuse to close (true story!), a car may not start, or their bicycle may have a flat tire (true too!).

Women on your Women’s Ministry Team, your event team, and in your Bible studies and small groups need to be able to get ahold of you.

Do they have your cell phone number? If you think they do, that’s great! How many times have you given it to them?

The very best way to make sure your women can reach you if an emergency arises is to include your contact information on all communication. Add your cell number right below your name.

I suggest that you always distribute your contact information at your first Women’s Ministry Team meeting or first Bible Study meeting. You may even want to give them a moment to add you to their contact list in their phone.

On that information sheet I include:

  • My first and last name.
  • My cell number, home number, and email address.
  • Our meeting room location.
  • List of planned meeting dates and times, as well as any dates we won’t be meeting (ie. Spring break)
  • Any other pertinent info – web addresses for resources, expectations, etc.
  • Lesson schedule if it’s a Bible study

When a new girl is added to your team or group, pull a copy of that initial information sheet out of your binder and give it to them. It’s as simple as keeping a few extra copies with you.

Your women have a lot on their plates. Do what you can to make it easy to contact you if they need to.

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