I must confess, I love my laminating machine!

I use it for ministry all the time!

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I’ve laminated free printable verses, like this fabulous one that MaryDean Draws created for my readers.

We’ve laminated bookmarks for retreats.

I’ll use any excuse to pull that machine out. LOL

  • Gives your signage and other event décor a polished look.
  • Protects your hard work from damage by food and/or rain.
  • Allows you to re-use what you’ve taken time to create and customize.

It’s a win-win, ladies! And personal-sized machines are fairly inexpensive!

Here are 8 ideas for using a laminating machine in your ministry:

1. Directional event signs

Expect people who’ve never been to your church to show up – they’ll need to know where to enter.

2. Welcome signs

Place one each entrance door to your events.

3. Bathroom signs

For converting those men’s rooms when you have a large conference – just be sure to get permission first! I’ve got a sign you can print and laminate here.

4. Name tags

Make your team permanent name tags with their position listed.

5. Tags

Label door prize baskets, prayer requests boxes, name tag return buckets, etc.

6. Reserved seating signs

Save a row of seats for your prayer counselors. Reserve a table for your speaker(s).

7. Table numbers

Make them pretty and re-use them.

8. Menus

At the head of a buffet or a dessert/drink listing at each table for a special event.

Other ideas:

  • Bookmarks (put a verse and theme on it for your event)
  • Handouts (Prayer cards, Daily Bible readings, and other documents your attendees will use repeatedly)
  • Women’s Ministry Calendar (go one step farther and make it magnetic)
  • Business cards (printed with a verse and used as a favor/gift)

I purchased my laminator at Aldi (it was a seasonal special), however there is an almost identical laminator on Amazon.

Purple Cows Hot and Cold Laminator, Includes 100 3 mil Hot Pockets, Assorted Sizes (3016c)

What other uses can you think of for a laminating machine that will ease your efforts?

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