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Fellowships January 9, 2015

Hosting Fellowships with Purpose

When we add a purpose to our fellowships we make an impact

Almost every women’s ministry group holds fellowship events and activities.

Bunko. Scrapbooking. Game night. Shopping. Bible Journaling. Movie night.

You’re doing a great job of giving your women an opportunity to connect.

But what if you could do more? Take it beyond just connecting to making an impact.

Our fellowships can and should be intentional.

When we add a purpose to our fellowships we make an impact.

So just how can your women’s ministry host a fellowship with a purpose and make an impact?

  1. During the shopping trip to the nearby outlet mall encourage your women to purchase a few new items for women and children at the local domestic violence shelter.
  2. Add the opportunity to make cards for servicemen and women to your all-day scrapbook event.
  3. When planning your cupcake decorating class, prepare several extra dozen to distribute to local emergency workers (nurses, firemen, EMT’s).
  4. Ask conference attendees to bring a can of food for your local or church food bank.
  5. Collect new undergarments at your retreat for a local women’s shelter.
  6. Hold a diaper drive for the local pregnancy center at your next Table event.
  7. Take the money from Bunko and donate it to a local ministry or church project.

By choosing to be intentional we can make a difference doing something we were already going to do.

Why add a purpose to our fellowships? Isn’t it just more work?

  • It provides awareness of other ministry opportunities in our communities.
  • It gives women an opportunity to participate in a missions project. Many women are willing to give, but may not be aware of the needs.
  • When our women take part in the delivery (of the food, meal, donations) they become the hands and feet of Jesus.
  • It’s Biblical. Phil 2:4, 1 John 3:17, James 2:14

A few words of caution:

  • Take care that the way you collect donations allows for women in all financial positions to participate or not. No uncomfortable basket passing. Please. Be grateful for donations of every size.
  • Make sure your Pastor staff approves the project. Gracefully accept their recommendations and direction.
  • Open up the delivery of the donations to all of the women that came to the event (if possible). Your team should not be the only ones getting to participate in the blessing!

Don’t miss the opportunity to fellowship with a purpose!

Your women and your ministry will benefit.

What ideas do you have for adding purpose to a fellowship in your ministry this year?

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Fellowships February 18, 2014

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