Looking for a Bible study for your group? Check out my review of Release by Jen Allee.

As you pray and plan for your upcoming Bible studies, Release by Jen Allee is a study you’ll want to put on your list to review!

My Review of Release

Release is a six-week Bible study focused on Psalm 25:15, “My eyes are ever on the Lord, for only He will release my feet from the snare.” Release can be used as a personal study or a group study.

The study’s “intention is to draw you into a deeper relationship with The One who supplies freedom.” Saturated with prayer and scripture, your women who do the work will be rewarded with a deeper relationship with the Lord.

What’s included?

Release is a full-size 147-page workbook. It has a beautiful cover and thick pages, perfect for highlighting and recording homework answers.

Release is available with an optional DVD. Sessions are 24-33 minutes in length. For groups that have shorter Bible study meetings, you may want to stretch the study over 12 weeks to allow for ample discussion. You can view a short promo video on Jen’s site that will give you a feel for her warmth and style.

You do not need the DVD to do the study, as it is rich on its own. If you have the time and ability to watch the DVD together, you will find it beneficial to add that additional layer. The DVD will help your women learn how to tune into the voice of God and tune out the deceiver.

In addition to the DVD option, leaders will find a Leader’s Guide in the back of the book with suggestions for your group time together. Expect rich discussions with your group!

Week 1 is a warm-up that sets realistic expectations for the journey and preps hearts and minds for the work to come. Weeks 2-6 have a specific focus, redeem, renew, remain, rely, and remember, all of which tie back to the overall theme of release. Jen uses prayer and God’s Word to keep women focused on the journey.

On the surface, this study may only seem geared toward those women who are working to find freedom from a current or past sin issue in their life, but there is so much more that will apply to every woman in attendance. Week 5, for example, speaks at length about being an active member of the body of Christ. Week 4, spends time in John 15 unpacking what it means to remain in the Word.


The homework is quite manageable. Most days, I was able to complete the work in about 15 minutes, never more than 30. Women who are accustomed to completing a Bible study workbook will feel right at home. There are fill-in-the-blanks and prayer exercises scattered throughout. Each day’s lesson ends with a beautiful and applicable prayer.

Side note: I did struggle just a bit with a few of the fill-in-the-blanks. On some pages, I wanted a bit more room to write, and my Bible version didn’t always line up exactly with the blanks on the page or use the same verbiage. I admit this was more of a personality issue than anything. You’ll want to encourage your women not to get distracted by differences in Bible versions. Jen uses the NIV version unless otherwise noted.


Your women will appreciate the thread that flows from beginning to the very end. The lessons connect and weeks build on one another. From page one to the end, participants dig into Bible passages that connect to the overall theme. Jen has done the hard work of digging into commentaries and Bible dictionaries to reveal word meanings and generously shares those with the reader bringing fresh and new understanding to God’s Word. Jen pulls out nuggets from scripture that your women may have overlooked even if they have studied that passage before.

Jen has the gift of writing in a way that is both conversational and encouraging. Her words cheer you on as you work through the study. “Keep pressing on!” The short stories she includes help to support the purpose of the lesson without detracting from the scriptures. At the end of the six weeks, you’ll feel as if you’ve made a new friend.

I was thrilled to discover a new Bible study that is so faithful and focused on the Word, prayer, and the power of the Holy Spirit. As you search for a sound study for yourself or your women, be sure to check out Release.

Release, the Bible study book and optional DVD, can be purchased on Jen’s website, www.jenallee.com, and the workbook is also available on Amazon (affiliate link). 

Special Toolbox Reader Bonus #1

If you order 10 copies of the Release Bible study, Jen will send you an 11th book for free! When you place your order, please add a note when you make your purchase letting Jen know you are a Women’s Ministry Toolbox reader.

Meet the Author Bonus #2

Jen would love to do a Facebook Live with your Bible study group this fall! Once you’ve purchased the books for your group, contact her to set up a time to speak with your group. An encouraging word from Jen is certain to be a blessing and encouragement to your group members!

Jen Allee is an artful storyteller who longs to see women initiate a deeper personal relationship with God.  Her style includes a solid, biblical foundation infused with practical application and lots of humor. She has passionately taught for over 20 years and currently resides in Houston, TX with her husband and two sons.

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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