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A couple years back as I scoured the internet looking for women’s ministry resources, I stumbled upon Hive Resources, a site created by Melissa Deming which helps women sweeten their walk with Christ. Thrilled to find another writer with a heart for sharing women’s ministry resources, Gina Duke and I invited Melissa to be a part of our Must-Follow Women’s Ministry Leaders board on Pinterest. (Be sure to follow our board if you don’t already!)

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When I saw that Melissa had released her new Bible study Crowned: Created For Glory, Called By His Name I asked if she would send me a copy to review.

I’ve been anxiously looking forward to finishing the study and sharing it with all of you!

Practically speaking, Crowned: Created For Glory, Called By His Name is designed as a 5 week study.

Each chapter answers two key questions:

  1. Who is God?
  2. Who am I in Christ?

As Melissa shares, the answers to both are found in scripture.

Each chapter/week ends with a list of study questions as well as an option(s) for digging deeper into that week’s topic.

Help women uncover foundational truths about their personal identity as one crowned and commissioned by the King of the world

Melissa’s goal for this book “is to help women uncover foundational truths about their personal identity as one crowned and commissioned by the King of the world”.

I want to walk you through the Biblical truths uncovered in each chapter:

Chapter 1 – God is the Good Creator and I am God’s good creation

Chapter 2 – God is my Savoir and I am a sinner freed from sin in Christ

Chapter 3 – God is my Righteous Judge and I am declared right in Christ

Chapter 4 – God is my forever Father and I am a co-heir with Christ in his forever family

Chapter 5 – God is the Holy One and I am being made holy through God’s Spirit

These basic Biblical truths provide a perfect study for new believers as well as reminders for all your women of who God is and who they are in Christ. More often than we’d like to admit, we forget!

Melissa uses stories and scripture help readers understand Biblical concepts, such as justification and sanctification, we often struggle to wrap our brain around.

Upon completion of this study your women will know crucial truths of the Bible on which they can stand when the winds of the world beat them down. They will be encouraged to walk out the calling God has placed on their lives and to live and walk in His Spirit.

As daughters of the Most High King and confidants of our loving Father, we have an imperishable inheritance waiting for us. And in the meantime, he has surrounded us here on the earth with his extended family to love us, encourage us, challenge us, and equip us to invite more to his table and into his home. (page 77)

If you are looking for a study that will help produce disciples who in turn produce disciples, this study is for you.

If you are looking for a study that unpacks tough Biblical terms (justification, sanctification), this study if for you.

If you are looking for study with meat, that will encourage your women to walk in the calling God has given them, this study is for you.

If you are looking for a study to use with during your mentoring sessions, this would be a great study to do!

As your team researches Bible studies, be sure to check out Melissa’s other study Daughters of the King: Finding Your Place in the Biblical Story (10 week study).

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