Is there a place for teens in your women’s ministry?

The future of your women’s ministry is meeting down the hall in the Youth Room. Yep, those girls down the hallway on their phones will soon graduate and will be checking your “women’s ministry”. Will they feel welcome? Are there things your team could be doing right now to plant the seeds so they’ll want to participate? About six years ago God opened the door for my husband and I to teach the Junior class at our (then) church home. … [Read more...]

10 Things I Learned as a Youth Camp Chaperone

It’s been on our calendar for the last several months. Youth Camp. Six nights on a bunk bed in a cabin filled with teens. Late nights. Camp food. Bonfires. Bug spray. Our family (hubby, two teen boys, and myself) spent this past week at Hickory Cove Bible Camp with 93 Youth from 3 area churches. For three of us, it was our first time attending camp. I’m still trying to process it all. There were high, highs and low, lows. It was at … [Read more...]

What Your Student Pastor Wants You to Know

As I have received input from a Church Secretary, Pastor's Wife, Music Director, and now a Student Pastor, I am in awe of what truths and reminders God has chosen to reveal. Today's truths weigh heavily on my heart as they impact the next generation that will soon be a part of our Women's Ministry (if they aren't already). I pray we'll take them seriously and that we'll seek ways to make connections with this group of young … [Read more...]