My Top Ten Team Meeting Pet Peeves

I need to apologize, the list that follows is probably going to come across a bit critical. You may view it as a list of complaints. I’ve thought about trying to re-write the whole piece from a positive angle. “10 Things I Love about Well-Run Team Meetings” or something like that. And while that may come across a whole lot nicer, sometimes we need the “truth in love” version. So I’m #sorrynotsorry. Some of you need a firm, yet loving, … [Read more...]

Personalities, Prickly People, and Making Peace

Several months back a Facebook friend of mine, Deb Potts, mentioned that she was finishing up her book “Making Peace with Prickly People”. (Affiliate links) The title grabbed my attention. I know a few prickly people. Truth be told, I probably am a prickly person to a couple of people in my life… I jumped at the chance to be on Deb’s launch team. It was not at all what I expected but in a very good way. Deb covers a lot of ground in her … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Keep Absent Team Members in the Loop

Sick kids, doctor’s appointments, school events, family vacations, and other scheduling conflicts will often make it necessary for one or more of your women’s ministry team members to miss a meeting. Just last month I had to miss our meeting due to a previous commitment to chaperone a Youth trip. I know first-hand that feeling of being “out of the loop”! Today I’m sharing some quick and easy tips for keeping absent team members in the … [Read more...]

The Biggest Mistake Women’s Ministry Teams Make

Over the last 10+ years I’ve had the opportunity to serve on three women’s ministry teams in three different churches. Everywhere I’ve served and even in the places where I haven’t, I’ve seen this women’s ministry mistake committed over and over again. And I’m not just throwing stones, I’m 100% guilty of committing it myself. This one mistake: Increases burnout Dismisses the other women in the church Fuels pride Creates … [Read more...]

Women’s Ministry Team Job Descriptions – Part 1

Our “How to Build a Women’s Ministry Team” mini-series continues today with a look at Women’s Ministry Team job descriptions. In my last post “What positions do you need to fill on your team?” I gave you a whopping 18 examples of possible positions for your team. Yikes! I do not expect God to ask you to fill all 18.  Please ask Him where your holes are and where He wants you to expand your team. Your Pastor will have some good … [Read more...]

10 Agenda Tips

Your team members are busy, busy women and they appreciate efficient and effective meetings. These 10 Agenda Tips will help you keep your team on topic and on time. Realistically consider your time frame Include enough detail to convey clear expectations – expand in the meeting Highlight responsibilities of your team members by assigning names to tasks/discussions Distribute in advance (1 week is ideal) Start and end on time … [Read more...]

How to Build a Women’s Ministry Binder

I am a binder girl. I love a well organized binder. So much so that I gave everyone on the team a Women's Ministry binder. This last time used some restraint and didn't include pre-labeled tabs. My fellow type-A girls, you know what I mean. :) I wouldn't give up the files on my laptop for anything, but a binder can be just as important and useful. Here's a quick run-down of what goes in our team's binders: Our Mission Statement … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Bless Your Team This Christmas

Looking for some ways to bless your Women's Ministry Team this Christmas? One of the ideas below is sure to bless their socks off! Word to the wise -  you're setting a precedent for the next year and even the next leader. Choose something simple that can easily be repeated in a similar fashion. In no particular order: 1. Send them a handwritten Christmas card. 2. Gift them with a Christmas devotional (purchased or printed from … [Read more...]