Tablescape Inspiration

Many Women's Ministry Teams host annual "table events". They might be know as the "Festival of Tables" or "Banquet of Tables" in your church. I'm always impressed by the attention to detail and diversity of the tables. I had the opportunity to attend a Banquet of Tables back in the fall. The theme of the event was God's Word is Timeless. Table hostesses were asked to pick a decade. I thought you might like to see some of the tables … [Read more...]

Table Event: Planning Timeline

We learned a hard lesson this year when we waited until late summer to kick off our planning for the Bouquet of Tables. We were rushed, details were missed, and the organization of several pieces was lacking. On our Post Event Evaluation Form out team noted that we must start planning at least 6 months out next year. Lesson learned. I decided to come up with a planning timeline for next year's event and thought it might be helpful for you … [Read more...]