Women’s Ministry Surveys: Online vs. Printed

A few weeks ago our women's ministry team decided to distribute a survey to assess what our women were looking for from our team in the next year. We’ve also heard a lot of women mention that they miss our evening Bible study offering. What better way to find out how great the interest really is than to ask! Our team was divided about whether or not a printed version of our women's ministry survey was necessary. Our compromise was to offer … [Read more...]

What Women Really Want from Your Women’s Ministry

Nine years ago our then-new women’s ministry team longed to include the things the women in our church really wanted in our ministry plans. It was our deepest desire to meet our women where they were and to provide events, activities, and resources that would encourage them in their walk with Christ. There was no sense in wasting our time, budget, or energy on events and activities our women didn’t want. We needed to find a way to figure … [Read more...]

Day 23 – Retreat Surveys

We can’t see, hear, and be everywhere during the retreat. The best way to gather real and honest feedback is to have your women fill out a survey at the end of the retreat. Having collected information at the retreat and after the retreat, I can tell you from experience you’ll get more responses if you can find a way to do your survey at the retreat. As I mentioned in How to End Your Retreat, you may want to give your women time to … [Read more...]

Women’s Ministry Leaders Retreat Interest Survey

*Please note this post contains affiliate links. God’s been stirring in me (again) a deep desire to gather women’s ministry leaders. One morning last week I got to thinking about how a “girl’s weekend” might look for a group of women’s ministry leaders… A time to recharge and refresh. To recalibrate. I’ve got so many ideas swirling around in my head. Gina Duke and I have been praying and brainstorming about co-hosting a women’s … [Read more...]

How can I serve you better?

Please note this survey is now closed. Thank you for your feedback!   Sweet sisters, I want nothing more than to help and encourage you as you serve in Women's Ministry at your church. Like you, I've spent hours praying, digging, and searching for ideas and tips that would help me better reach the women in my church and community. I want to know what areas YOU need help with. I want to know what the best ways are to … [Read more...]

Seven Super Survey Questions

It is extremely beneficial to gather feedback after a Women's Ministry event. While I highly recommend having your team complete a Post Event Evaluation Form after each event, your attendees also provide a valuable perspective. Distributing and collecting surveys at an event creates a couple of issues: Instead of listening to the speaker, women are filling out their surveys. The event hasn't actually ended before the surveys need to be … [Read more...]


Surveys can be extremely helpful in the evaluation your ministry as a whole and  in evaluating specific ministry events. Last fall we used SurveyMonkey to do an evaluation of our ministry. (source) We were looking at what times of day, days of the week, types of activities, etc. that our women were interested in. We also gave them the opportunity on the survey to volunteer and to sign up for our email list. This spring we used SurveyMonkey … [Read more...]