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Forms & Surveys July 19, 2016

Women’s Ministry Surveys: Online vs. Printed

Women's Ministry Surveys Online vs. Printed

A few weeks ago our women’s ministry team decided to distribute a survey to assess what our women were looking for from our team in the next year.

We’ve also heard a lot of women mention that they miss our evening Bible study offering. What better way to find out how great the interest really is than to ask!

Conferences, Planning, Technology September 20, 2013


SurveyMonkey: Assessment tool for Women's Ministry.

Surveys can be extremely helpful in the evaluation your ministry as a whole and  in evaluating specific ministry events.

Last fall we used SurveyMonkey to do an evaluation of our ministry.

survey monkey graphic(source)

We were looking at what times of day, days of the week, types of activities, etc. that our women were interested in. We also gave them the opportunity on the survey to volunteer and to sign up for our email list.

This spring we used SurveyMonkey to create a post event evaluation for our Spring Conference.

You can use SurveyMonkey for free, yes free, if you stick to 10 questions or less and up to 100 responses.

Check to see if your church has a membership or would be willing to pay for a membership. The analysis features can be really helpful in reviewing your results.

Even the free account will be helpful in collecting responses.

It’s easy to use. I love that you can customize the responses and ask 15 different kinds of questions. You can choose which questions must be answered, and which are optional.

All paid membership levels offer a PDF option for those women that don’t have internet access.

Looking for great survey questions – check out my Seven Super Survey Questions.

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