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Planning June 13, 2014

5 Ways to Connect With Your Women This Summer

What does the calendar for your Women’s Ministry look like this summer?

While most of our summer calendars may not feature a big event, it’s a great time to sprinkle in some activities that might get neglected during other times of the year.

5 Ways to Connect With Your Women This Summer Prayerfully ask God to highlight which of these activities your women need this summer.

1. Summer Bible study – See my previous post on Summer Bible Study Solutions for ideas you can still implement this summer.

2. Regularly share a meal together – Schedule monthly Ladies Night Out at local restaurants and/or weekly picnics in the park – perfect for young moms.

3. Summer newsletter – Keep in contact with written communication to your women.

4. Electronic encouragement – Send out encouraging and fun emails or Facebook posts.

5. Fellowship together – I’ve got 105 Christian Ladies Night Out Ideas for you to check out!

It is so easy to get slack and relax during the summer months, thinking that your women are otherwise engaged.

It’s dangerous to assume your women don’t need summer activities.

Great ideas for connecting with your women this summer! #womensministry

Summer may be here, but women still need to connect.


They do.

We’d love to know, what does your summer ministry calendar look like?

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Bible Studies May 30, 2014

Summer Bible Study Solutions

Looking for a summer Bible study for you or the women in your church and community?

I’ve got 6 solutions to offer – whether you’re studying in a group or on your own.

Summer Bible Study Solutions for Your Women's Ministry (or Yourself)

It was probably six summers ago that the Bible Study Coordinator on our Women’s Ministry Team felt God leading us to add a summer Bible Study offering (in addition to our spring and fall sessions).

No one really knew what to expect.

Aren’t people busy in the summer taking vacations and hanging out by the pool?

Would women really give up a summer evening to spend time in God’s Word?

God had big plans girls! He blew us away.

We had a bigger turnout for that study than we did for many of our regular study sessions. Really.

Over 20 women made the commitment. He blew our expectations out of the water!

We would have done it just for one.

Never be afraid to step into uncharted territory with God!

I’ve got 6 creative options for your Bible study plans:

1. Bible Marathon – Rachel Wojo shares how to put together a marathon study. I love this unique idea!

2. Stand-alone DVDs  – With 3 volumes available, theses stand-alone videos featuring best-selling Bible study authors such as Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer, Angela Thomas, Jennifer Rothschild, and Anne Graham Lotz. I like how these allow women to attend when their schedules permit without missing key content.

3. Shorter studies – such as those by Lysa Terkurst  and Priscilla Shirer. Shorter 6 weeks studies are often easier for women to commit to during the summer months. It’s also less of a strain on those with families. FYI – Lysa’s study’s only run about $25 for the book and DVD.

4. Neighborhood Studies – gather at the pool/in backyards weekly. Imagine what a great outreach this could be! Whether you choose a book of the Bible or a 6 week study, go forward with the expectation that conversations will be interrupted multiple times. That’s okay!

5. Online Studies – I personally have participated in Beth Moore’s online summer study and a Proverbs 31 online study and found both to be extremely beneficial. Both were FREE! Women’s Bible Café also hosts online studies, but I have not personally used them yet.

6. On Demand Videos – I have completed Beth Moore’s Believing God study using LifeWay’s on-demand videos. A friend several states away did the study at the same time. The accountability was extremely helpful. Be sure to note, this option can be pricey.

Here are a few direct links to books, DVDs, and Bible studies that you may want to consider for yourself or your church this summer.  *Please note this are affiliate links.  A girl’s got to pay the blog bills! *wink


Extraordinary Women-God Use Me Just The Way I Am (60 min)

Becoming More Than a Good Bible Study Girl: A DVD Study: Living the Faith after Bible Class Is Over (6 weeks)


Made to Crave: Satisfying Your Deepest Desire with God, Not Food

What Happens When Women Say Yes to God: Experiencing Life in Extraordinary Ways

Just Give Me Jesus

Living Your Life As a Beautiful Offering: A Bible Study Based On the Sermon on the Mount

No Other gods: Confronting Our Modern Day Idols

The Virtuous Woman: Shattering the Superwoman Myth

No excuses girls – for yourself or for your team!

No, it’s not too late – consider starting in July and finishing in August.

Pray and seek God’s direction – if not this summer, maybe He is preparing the way for next summer.

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Encouragement Idea: Blessings Bags

Planning May 27, 2014

Don’t make this summer slip-up!

I’m all for the idea of taking a break over the summer and giving your team time to rest.

However doing so last year taught me a rather painful lesson.

Don't make this mistake with your team this summer!

Failing to meet over the summer negatively impacted our biggest event of the year.

  • We were short on time.
  • Our planning was rushed.
  • Our registration team took the biggest hit. There wasn’t time for sufficient training.
  • It put pressure on our church staff when it came to publicizing the event.

Taking a summer break was a bad idea.

We even noted it on our Post Event Evaluation Form.

A summer meeting would have made a HUGE difference.

Sometimes the best lessons are the hardest ones.

If I had it to do over again, we would have had an hour of socializing (maybe a cookout in my backyard) followed by an hour of planning.

Summer can be a great time to do something a little different and fun with your team, but please don’t skip meeting altogether…

Fellowships, Planning May 23, 2014

10 Reasons to Host a Summer Event

Nothing on your Women’s Ministry calendar for the summer months?

It’s not too late!


Here are 10 reasons to host a summer event:

1. Women always need Jesus.

2. Summer lends itself to fun outdoor activities. Need ideas? See 105 Christian Ladies Night Out Ideas.

3. Many sports are on a break allowing soccer-moms (and the like) to attend.

4. Harried moms with houses full of children are longing for a break.

5. Women will seek refuge from the heat in a cool church basement.


6. It’s a great excuse to fix fun summer desserts.

7. Decorating for summer is easy-peasy. Cut some flowers from the yard.

8. Other than Vacation Bible School, there are few church events to plan around.

9. You want to keep the momentum from that fabulous spring event.

10. New women need something to plug into immediately – don’t make them wait until fall.

Summer lends itself to simplicity and to gathering together.

Give your women an excuse to gather together at least once this summer.

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