Summer Table Talk Cards

Have you ever sat at a table with a group of people and felt the conversation at the table stall after you all got past the normal niceties? (What do you do? How many kids do you have?) Perhaps it was a group of women that had just met. Or maybe it was a small group that stumbled without a list of discussion questions. Whatever the situation, it can be hard to keep the conversation going once things head south. Table Talk Questions help … [Read more...]

Decor and Favor Ideas for Your Summer Event

Is your team hosting a summer fellowship or event? Does your retreat or conference have a summer or beach theme? Do you need to decorate for a summertime baby or bridal shower at church? I've rounded up some summer-inspired décor and favor ideas that I think you'll love! Please note: These are affiliate links. You won't pay a penny more, but I may receive a small commission that will help offset the costs of this blog and replenish my … [Read more...]

2015 Online Summer Bible Studies and Book Clubs

For many women summer equals a break from studying God's Word. Your church may not offer a summer study. Even if you do, some of your women may have a scheduling conflict and are unable to attend your church's summer study. We all know that being in a Bible study provides a level of accountability and encourages us to stay in the Word. Whether you are looking for a summer study for yourself or a list to share with your women, I’ve … [Read more...]

30 Summer Fellowship Ideas

Looking for some ideas for your summer fellowships? I’ve got 30 summer fellowship ideas to for you today! Summer doesn’t have to mean more work for your team: Keep things simple. Take advantage of parks, lakes, and other recreation areas. Minimize your planning by attending a festival or event nearby. Most of these ideas take advantage of the warmer summer temperatures. However if you live in an area where it’s unbearably hot … [Read more...]

Debunking Summer Ministry Myths

Summer’s coming and many ministries in your church may be taking a summer sabbatical. But should your Women’s Ministry follow suit? Let’s take a look at some summer myths and how the truth might impact your team’s summer plans. Myth #1 – People are busy taking vacations and won’t attend a women’s ministry Bible study or event. Myth #2 – Summer’s a busy time for everyone. Myth #3 – No one wants to do a Bible study during the … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Connect With Your Women This Summer

What does the calendar for your Women's Ministry look like this summer? While most of our summer calendars may not feature a big event, it's a great time to sprinkle in some activities that might get neglected during other times of the year. Prayerfully ask God to highlight which of these activities your women need this summer. 1. Summer Bible study – See my previous post on Summer Bible Study Solutions for ideas you can still implement … [Read more...]

Summer Bible Study Solutions

Looking for a summer Bible study for you or the women in your church and community? I’ve got 6 solutions to offer – whether you’re studying in a group or on your own. It was probably six summers ago that the Bible Study Coordinator on our Women’s Ministry Team felt God leading us to add a summer Bible Study offering (in addition to our spring and fall sessions). No one really knew what to expect. Aren’t people busy in the summer … [Read more...]

Don’t make this summer slip-up!

I’m all for the idea of taking a break over the summer and giving your team time to rest. However doing so last year taught me a rather painful lesson. Failing to meet over the summer negatively impacted our biggest event of the year. We were short on time. Our planning was rushed. Our registration team took the biggest hit. There wasn’t time for sufficient training. It put pressure on our church staff when it came to … [Read more...]

10 Reasons to Host a Summer Event

Nothing on your Women's Ministry calendar for the summer months? It's not too late! Here are 10 reasons to host a summer event: 1. Women always need Jesus. 2. Summer lends itself to fun outdoor activities. Need ideas? See 105 Christian Ladies Night Out Ideas. 3. Many sports are on a break allowing soccer-moms (and the like) to attend. 4. Harried moms with houses full of children are longing for a break. 5. Women will seek … [Read more...]