Day 7 – How to Find a Speaker

I’m so excited to tackle this topic today! This is a question I get a lot. You’ve got your date picked, your theme set, and the budget to hire a speaker. But how do you find one? And how do you ensure they’re going to be a good fit for your church? Let’s start with the “big one”. How do you find a speaker? Ask your Pastor. Ask other women’s ministry leaders and churches in your area. Ask your women – chances are they’ve … [Read more...]

What Your Speaker Needs to Know

  Assumptions are a dangerous thing, especially when it comes to event planning for your Women's Ministry. Here's a list of items you may need to communicate to your speaker. The more they know about the day, your church, and the audience, the better prepared they can be. Information about Your Church and Audience Make-up of your audience (spiritual and chronological ages) Expected size of your audience Version of the … [Read more...]

Questions for Potential Speakers

  So you've narrowed down possible speakers for your next event and it's time to give them a call and get some more information. Did your mind just go blank? Not sure what to ask? Afraid you'll leave something important out and have to call them back (ugh!)? I've got your back - here's a list to get you started. Do me a favor and comment if you have other questions we should add to the list. Let's help each other … [Read more...]