The Ultimate List of Women’s Ministry Resources

Have you ever wondered which blogs are my favorites? Would you like a list of places I shop for Women’s Ministry supplies? Perhaps you’ve wished I would share all of my favorite resources in one place. I’ve gathered all of that info and more for you on a new page on the Women’s Ministry Toolbox site. The Ultimate List of Women’s Ministry Resources is your one-stop-shop for: Blogs I Love Resources I Recommend Favorite Places to … [Read more...]

Tip 24 – Shop the Home Improvement Store

Welcome to 31 days of Women's Ministry Tips! I love the challenge of shopping for Women’s Ministry supplies on a tight budget. Most of our events are break-even events. We need to balance the cost of the event with the amount we charge for the event. With a desire to keep costs for our women as low as possible each budget line item is kept to a minimum. One way to keep your decorating costs low is to shop at your local home … [Read more...]

Shopping for Women’s Ministry Supplies – Part 2

*Please note this post contains affiliate links. Your support is appreciated! Any purchase you make allows me to continue to give away free resources to women's ministry leaders. Today I'm going to highlight my favorite on-line shopping sites for Women's Ministry supplies. If you missed it, be sure to go back and check out Shopping for Women's Ministry Supplies Part 1 (Brick and Mortar Stores). My favorite online sites: Amazon … [Read more...]

Shopping for Women’s Ministry Supplies – Part 1

I admit I love to shop and I love searching for great deals year-round. I'm always on the lookout for supplies for future Women's Ministry events. When I spy a great deal I grab them and stash them away for later use. I've spent years building up supply closets filled with reusable decorative items. I've kept a tub filled with door prize and gift items (almost all found on clearance). Savvy shopping and planning ahead has allowed … [Read more...]