How Your Women’s Ministry Can Get Involved With Operation Christmas Child

I’ve recently shared “What It’s Like to Give a Child a Shoebox” and “How to Pack a Better Shoebox”. Today I want to share some ways your women’s ministry can get involved with Operation Christmas Child. I think some people assume Operation Christmas Child is a Children’s Ministry project. Or maybe it’s just a ministry your church participates in once a year. While Operation Christmas Child certainly can be those things, it can also be so … [Read more...]

How to Pack a Better Shoebox

Our family’s been packing shoeboxes for well over 10 years now and I considered myself a pretty seasoned shoebox packer. However, my trip to help distribute shoeboxes in Grenada in October has forever changed the way I’ll pack a shoebox. Between our distributions I had the chance to pepper employees with Samaritan’s Purse/Operation Christmas Child (OCC) with packing questions. I was also able to ask a National OCC Volunteer and former … [Read more...]

Serving in the OCC Processing Center – Part 2

I can’t wait to share the rest of our adventure at the Charlotte Operation Christmas Child (OCC) Processing Center. If you missed out on Part 1 – be sure to go here to get the scoop on our different volunteer roles. Today I’m going to take you inside some of the boxes we processed. There were some really neat and practical items packed in the boxes we processed: Entire outfits (shorts and shirts) Paper rolled up and secured … [Read more...]

Serving in the OCC Processing Center – Part 1

For more than 10 years our family has packaged boxes for Operation Christmas Child (OCC). Ove the years we’ve packed boxes for boys and girls of every age group. When our boys were younger we would pack boxes for boys the same ages as ours. This year we packed several boxes with an intentional message. While I’ve had a passion and a heart for the OCC ministry for years, much like the Grinch, my heart grew three sizes this year … [Read more...]

My Message in a Box

What if you could whisper a message in the ear of a child in another country? What if you could send that boy or girl a box filled with gifts especially for them? What would you say to them? What would you send? This is the challenge I was given for Operation Christmas Child this year. Our family has been packing shoe boxes for at least 10 years now. Most of our boxes have been packed for boys the same age as ours (now 15 and … [Read more...]

Operation Christmas Child (OCC)

Putting together Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes is one of my very favorite Christmas activities. I spend all year shopping for items for our boxes. I pray for the children and families who will receive our boxes. I lovingly pack the boxes, squeezing in as many items as I possibly can. Several years ago our MOPS group decided to work together to fill several OCC boxes. To familiarize the group with OCC, I opted to share the … [Read more...]