Day 20 – Setting Up a Prayer Room for Your Retreat

We’ve talked about praying before your event, but what about praying at your event? Today I want to share some ideas about setting up a Prayer Room at your retreat. Tomorrow, we’ll talk about Prayer Stations. Not every retreat I’ve been on has had a Prayer Room. But when there’s been one, it has been used by both our women and our team. Ideally your Prayer Room (or space) will be: Peaceful Separate Available At one … [Read more...]

Day 8 – 5 Ways to Pray for Your Retreat (Free Printable)

It goes without saying that praying for your retreat is paramount. Your speaker, your team, and your attendees will likely confront spiritual opposition during the weeks and days prior to your retreat. Prayer is our greatest weapon, but we sometimes forget how to use it. When I am knee deep in the trenches of retreat planning my creative juices sometimes dry up when it comes to praying for the retreat. I know I need to pray, but what … [Read more...]