Day 10 – Decorating for Your Women’s Ministry Retreat

Decorations can be a fun way to play up the theme of your women's ministry retreat. Lighthouses, oversize coffee cups, mason jars with flowers, bowls of fruit, and princess crowns. Each can be used to help communicate your theme and leave a lasting visual impression on your attendees. What are somethings you need to consider? Budget – decorations should not be costly or extravagant. Remember we want to keep the retreat as … [Read more...]

Day 9 – Your Retreat Planning Team

Forgive me if this comes across as a little blunt or bossy, but I believe you need to set up a separate Retreat Planning Team. It allows women outside of your team to serve and shine. It’s a great training ground for future women’s ministry team members. Your women’s ministry team members already have lots to do! Even if you’re in a small church like I am, setting up a separate Retreat Planning Team can be worthwhile. Did most of … [Read more...]