Reno Project #6: Providing Better Training

This is it! Today is the last day of our Women’s Ministry Renovation Project! Today we are going to tackle Training. So let me just make a confession right from the start. I have not done a good job of training my former teams. I am making great progress in this area. I believe one of the reasons God placed me in Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) leadership as a small group leader was to experience training at its best. They are a … [Read more...]

Reno Project #5: Technology

We’re entering the homestretch of our Women’s Ministry Renovation Series! Today’s focus is: Technology. Is it something you use often? Not enough? Not sure where to start? Need resources and ideas? I’ve got you covered when it comes to Women's Ministry technology. Even if you’re in a small church, I’ve got some ideas that will help you out! Just over 7 years ago my father passed away after a brief battle with a brain tumor. My sweet … [Read more...]

Reno Project #4: Updating Your Publicity

We have just passed the half-way point in our series on renovating our women’s ministry. Has God revealed an area He wants you to renovate yet? Today might be the day! Let’s take close look at your publicity and examine whether or not it’s in need of an update. When we first moved back to North Carolina three months ago, I spent hours online researching potential new church homes for our family. In my search I stumbled across a tri-fold … [Read more...]

Reno Project #3: Offerings

Our renovation project continues. Today we’re going to take a close look at what your Women’s Ministry is offering. Take out sheet of paper, if you would please, and jot down the answers to these four questions: What types of events, activities, and ministries do you offer? Where do they take place? When do you make them available? Why you do what you do Got it? Okay, let’s start by looking at the “what”. Whether your list … [Read more...]

Reno Project #2: Your Mission Statement

Today, we’re going to take a look at renovating your Women’s Ministry Mission statement. I probably should have made this number 1 on the list, rather than listing them alphabetically. You need to know what you’re aiming for before you can decide what needs renovation. Our team in Kentucky went through the process of updating our mission statement over the course of several months. Here’s a rundown of how we walked through that … [Read more...]

Reno Project #1: Excessive Decorations

Put your hard hats on ladies, it’s time to start the renovation process! Today we’re going to take a close look at decorating and how you might need to do some renovating in that area of your women’s ministry. How do you know if you need to renovate your decorations? Your women are distracted by the décor on stage and have a hard time focusing on the speaker and the message. The best conferences I’ve been to have had little to no décor … [Read more...]

What area of ministry is God asking you to renovate?

God has been stirring in my heart for some time the need for Women’s Ministries to assess their renovation needs. What we did 5, 8, or even 10 years ago is no longer effective. We are struggling to reach the younger generations and when we do, we struggle to include them on a broader scale. In many cases, our reach is shrinking despite spending more time and more money on events. Please, please know I am not blaming you. I know … [Read more...]