Why Your Women Need Save-the-Date Cards

Do your women know when your next event is? Are you sure? I’m a firm believer in the fact that you can’t over-publicize an event. Women are BUSY! They need several gentle reminders. Audible reminders are great, but paper reminders are even better. When you hand a woman a piece of paper you give her something she can: Post on her fridge Pass on to a friend Share with a neighbor Stick in her Bible I’ve been to … [Read more...]

Brand New Publicity Idea for Reaching Your Neighbors

Quite by accident I stumbled upon an effective, new publicity idea when I was working on promoting our Bible Journaling Event. That event is a perfect outreach event. The problem lies in getting the word out. But I figured out a new way how to get the word out! Perhaps, like me, you live in a big neighborhood and know only a few of your neighbors. You may wave at most of the folks living on your block, but inviting them to church may … [Read more...]

That time I scored a TV interview that I didn’t want…

Not long ago I shared 25 Ways to Publicize Event Outside Your Church Walls. One of the ideas listed was do a TV interview. Today I’m going to share with you how I ended up getting interviewed on a local television station for a women’s ministry event. That I didn’t want to do. It all started innocently enough. Our team was hosting a Scrapbooking and Crafting event. We wanted it to be a big outreach into our community. As part … [Read more...]

Why You Should Never Send an Empty Email

I once received an email from a church staff member that was empty. There was not a single word in the body of the email. But there was an attachment. Newsletter 25. Maybe they were in a hurry. I try, really I do, to extend grace whenever possible. Despite any assumed or imagined circumstances, that empty email left me feeling empty. They had missed an opportunity. A quick “Hey all, hope your week is off to a great start! We’ve … [Read more...]

25 Ways to Publicize Events Outside Your Church Walls

Not every event necessitates publicity outside of your church community. When it comes to reaching those beyond our church walls we sometimes struggle with how to get the word out. What are some effective ways to share our event within our neighborhood and communities? Today I’ve got 25 ideas for publicizing events outside your church walls. And many of them are free or inexpensive. You know you need to publicize your event … [Read more...]

13 More Ways You Can Publicize Events Inside Your Church

Earlier this week I shared 13 ways you can publicize events inside your church. That was only half the list! I've got 13 more publicity ideas for inside your church for you. That’s right 26 ideas in all! There’s bound to be a new idea or fresh spin on a way for you to reach your women. Pick and choose the ones that make the most sense for your team and for that particular event. Admittedly, using all 26 ideas would be a bit … [Read more...]

13 Ways to Publicize Your Event Inside Your Church

Publicity has the potential to make or break your event. If women don’t know what is going on they can’t attend. Relying on the Sunday bulletin or church newsletter is no longer enough. Women need multiple reminders. Your women have busy schedules. And some just plain forget! Here are 13 ways you can publicize events inside your church: Sunday bulletins Bulletin board Registration forms Videos Bathroom … [Read more...]

Tip 17 – What You Need to Include In Your Newsletter

Welcome to 31 days of Women's Ministry Tips! Tip 17 is a checklist for you to use as you pull together your Women’s Ministry newsletter. Women’s Ministry newsletters are in no way a requirement, but they can be a helpful tool for communicating with your women. If you have, or are planning to start a newsletter for your women,  here are some ideas of what to include. What to include in your newsletter: Message of salvation – … [Read more...]

Tip 11 – Attention Grabbing Publicity

Welcome to 31 days of Women's Ministry Tips! Tip 11 is an out-of-the-ordinary publicity idea. Do you ever feel like the publicity for your Women’s Ministry events is falling on deaf ears? You’ve submitted info for the church newsletter, the Sunday bulletin, and even hung flyers in the bathrooms but no one seems to hear you... I’ve got a unique, fresh idea to share with you that I doubt you’ve tried. It will definitely grab their … [Read more...]

Tip 1 – Hanging Publicity

  Welcome to 31 Days of Women’s Ministry Tips! Tip #1 provides a tip for hanging publicity and signs for your Women’s Ministry events. It’s also a tip I picked up recently. I was helping to take down the discussion group signs after our Summer Bible Study Class  and uncovered a nifty little trick! I was surprised to find they had been hung up with painters tape! Well, of course! That remedies the problem of marks on … [Read more...]

Does your ministry need a Facebook Group?

As I mentioned in Why Facebook is No Longer Your Friend, having a Facebook Page for your Women’s Ministry is no longer a reliable form of Publicity. Another option to Facebook Pages are Facebook Groups. Facebook Groups can be: Secret - Only members see the group, who's in it, and what members post. Closed - Anyone can see the group and who's in it. Only members see posts. Open (public) - Anyone can see the group, who's in it, … [Read more...]

Why Facebook Is No Longer Your Friend

In September 2012 we set up a Facebook ministry page for the women in our church and community to get the latest Women’s Ministry information. It worked really well for about a year. Women were engaged. They were commenting and sharing our posts. Without warning our stats plummeted. Posts were rarely viewed. We had to face the fact that we could no longer rely on our Facebook ministry page posts to reach our women. You may have … [Read more...]