Three Questions You Need to Ask Your Team

Earlier this month I stumbled across this article by Eric Geiger. You may have seen it when I shared it on the Women's Ministry Toolbox Facebook page. (Side note: Please click the box on the lower right side of your screen to like my Facebook page if you haven’t already. Thanks!) What God drew my attention to was the 3 questions he asked his team: What am I not doing that you would like me to start doing? What am I doing that you wish … [Read more...]

To Vote or Not to Vote (on women’s ministry business)

How do you strike the balance of making sure every team member has a say and empowering your team members to make decisions? I’ve sat on a team where there were no clear roles or responsibilities. Every decision was open for debate because it was everyone’s responsibility. Our meetings were often filled with tension as pro’s and con’s were weighed. Since everyone was in charge, everyone had a say. Some of our discussions were very … [Read more...]

How to Engage Multiple Generations

The number one question I receive is "How do we get the younger (or in some cases older) women in our church to participate?" Women's ministry teams everywhere struggle with how to engage multiple generations. It's a struggle I've faced myself in ministry. The church we attended while we were in Kentucky had a solid women’s ministry. There was a core group of older women (60 years+) that had been faithfully serving on the team and … [Read more...]

How to Tackle Taboo Topics

Perhaps the idea of tackling taboo topics is one that your women’s ministry team steers clear of. You’re afraid of saying the wrong thing. Not being able to handle questions that are bound to come up. Worried that you’ll offend someone. While we’re often fearful of tackling taboo topics, our women are starving for safe places to have real discussions about real-life struggles. Maybe God is calling your team to be that safe place, like He … [Read more...]

8 Habits of an Effective Women’s Ministry

I’m curious, how would you describe the way your women’s ministry team operates? I'm guessing the word "effective" may not be the first word that comes to mind... If you had to pick, which description below comes closest? We pick and choose events and activities based on our team member’s passions and interests. We plan one event at a time. We never know what we’ll do next. It’s often based on the next great idea we stumble upon. … [Read more...]

The Beauty of Events at Other Churches

Last week we invited the women of our church to attend an event off-campus at another church. Why you might ask? Here’s the back story…When we made our calendar of events last summer, we had tentatively planned to find a local location to view the Priscilla Shirer simulcast in April. Two things happened since we penciled in that event on our women’s ministry calendar. We completed the The Armor of God  (affiliate link) by Priscilla … [Read more...]

Word-Filled Women’s Ministry

*Please note this post contains affiliate links. I appreciate any purchase you make as it helps to cover the costs of this site! I love discovering new women’s ministry resources! Especially those that challenge me to think differently and cause me to question some of the choices our women’s ministry team has made. A couple months back I reached out to the folks at Crossway Publishing and requested a copy of Word-Filled Women’s … [Read more...]

What Women Really Want from Your Women’s Ministry

Nine years ago our then-new women’s ministry team longed to include the things the women in our church really wanted in our ministry plans. It was our deepest desire to meet our women where they were and to provide events, activities, and resources that would encourage them in their walk with Christ. There was no sense in wasting our time, budget, or energy on events and activities our women didn’t want. We needed to find a way to figure … [Read more...]

How to Pick the Best Date for Your Women’s Ministry Event

Picking the best date for your women’s ministry event can be tricky. While throwing a dart at a calendar may seem tempting, we can do better than that! We're aiming for the best date for the greatest number of women in your church. But how do we figure that out? We start by identifying the worst dates to hold your event.  Yep, you heard me right! We need to eliminate that dates that won’t work first. When we eliminate the … [Read more...]

Vision Casting for Your Women’s Ministry – Part 2

In my last post we worked through how to discover God’s vision for your ministry. (Be sure to go back and read that post if you haven’t already.) Today we’re going to tackle how to communicate God’s vision for your ministry. Once God’s cleared outlined His vision for your ministry you’re going to need to rally the troops and get them onboard! You will need to share this vision with: Your Pastor Your Women’s Ministry Team  The … [Read more...]

Vision Casting for Your Women’s Ministry – Part 1

What is God’s vision for your women’s ministry this year? Do you know? Maybe you haven’t thought to ask. That’s okay! I’ll admit I haven’t always. Whether vision casting is a foreign concept or an annual practice for your women’s ministry, I hope you’ll join in this week as we learn: How to discover the vision for your ministry How to communicate the vision for your ministry Before we get to the “how”, let’s talk for a moment … [Read more...]

9 Secrets to Making Guests Feel Welcome

Two nights ago I had the privilege of passing out small candy canes as folks were approaching our church doors to attend a special Christmas production. My task was to make our guests feel welcome. I was surprised by the number of folks who were thrilled to receive a little candy cane! Some responded as if they hadn’t had a candy cane in years and were so excited to indulge in a special treat. Others welcomed the breath mint. A few … [Read more...]