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Technology August 14, 2015

Connect with Women’s Ministry Toolbox

Let's get together!

Let’s get together, yeah yeah yeah.
Think of all that we could share.
Let’s get together, everyday
Every way and everywhere.

This song from the movie Parent Trap popped into my head as I was thinking about you all. I love the original and the remake! (affiliate links)

Oh, how I wish we could all “get together” in person!

I’d love to have you over to our house!

I’d fix some coffee – even though I don’t drink it. I’d bake some cookies and set out a bowl of fruit. And there’d be chocolate. There always has to be chocolate. *grin

I’d want to hear about the women in your church. What they love. How you see them growing and changing. I’d want to celebrate with you. We could brainstorm ways of working through your current struggle.

I would grab your hand and we would pray mightily that God would do great things in and through your ministry.

I just know it would be a sweet, sweet time of fellowship…

Unfortunately for many of you Charlotte, NC is a bit too far away for a monthly meet-up. (If you live in the Charlotte area, and would be interested in meeting up let me know!! Really! I’ve been praying God would provide an opportunity for leaders in the area to connect.)

Thankfully there are several ways we CAN get together and connect!

Like, comment, and follow Women's Ministry Toolbox on Facebook

1. Let’s chat on Facebook! You’ll need to “Like” and “get notifications” for Women’s Ministry Toolbox. You must check “get notifications” for my posts to show up in your feed. Otherwise you won’t see many, if any. THEN comment, share, and like the posts that hit home with you! The more you like, share, and comment, the more posts you will see and the more posts other leaders will see! I long for Facebook to become a place where we have conversations.

If you send a friend request to my personal account, please don’t be offended if I don’t accept it. I try very hard to limit that account for privacy reasons.

Visit wmtoolbox’s profile on Pinterest.

2. Follow me on Pinterest. In addition to “pinning” every post, I gather and share a lot of other great women’s ministry ideas from all over the internet. We can comment and connect there too!


Subscribe to the Women's Ministry Toolbox channel on YouTube

3. YouTube – Yep! This is a new one! I’ve set up a YouTube channel and look forward to adding videos to encourage you as you lead!

4. Instagram – Catch the ministry pics and ideas I share.

If you haven’t already connected with me on your favorite social media sites, let’s go ahead and link up!

I look forward to getting to know you!

Yeah, yeah, yeah!

PS/ Would you be praying that God would make a way for many of us to get together at a future conference or retreat? God’s placed it on my heart, but it’s a much bigger project than 1 or 2 people can tackle on their own! Thanks!!

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Resources September 30, 2014

Announcement: New Resource for Leaders

I am super excited to share a new resource for Women’s Ministry Leaders with you!

New Resource for Women's Ministry Leaders

Gina Duke and I have joined forces to create a Must-Follow Women’s Ministry Leaders board on Pinterest.

This exclusive collaborative board will feature pins from a team of women’s ministry leaders that will help you better reach the women in your church and community.

To follow Must-Follow Women’s Ministry Leader Board just click the graphic below.

Must-Follow Women's Ministry Leaders

You may also want to follow each contributor so you can see all of the fabulous things they are pinning!

We will be adding others, but right now, our contributors include:

best 2014Me – While you can read my full story here – Here’s the abbreviated version. I have been involved with women’s ministry for 15 years as a MOPS leader, Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) group leader, and as a Women’s Ministry Director in two different churches in two different states. I am the founder of Women’s Ministry Toolbox, where I share practical tips and tools that encourage and equip women’s ministry leaders. In addition to on-the-job training and mentoring, I have received training from MOPS International, LifeWay Ministries, and She Speaks (Proverbs 31 Ministries). My husband, two boys (12 and 15), miniature schnauzer, and I recently relocated to Charlotte, NC to be near family.

gina profile picGina Duke is an award-winning author and Director of Women’s Ministry at her church. She blogs weekly about women’s ministry on her Women’s Ministry Wednesday blog feature, which highlights initiatives and considerations from her own church’s robust women’s ministry. Gina holds a B.S. in Organizational Leadership and is currently completing her A.S. degree in Ministry. She is on staff as the Director of Women’s Ministry at her local church. This “Southern Belle” lives and travels from the Kentucky/Tennessee state line. Gina is the host of a one-minute radio feature, “A Moment of Clarity” on WQKR with a reach of over 166, 123 listeners throughout the day. She is also an Executive Board member of the Bledsoe Baptist Association (Tennessee Baptist Convention). Gina is married to her best friend Jamie, and is the mother of two beautiful daughters. She is a proud grandmother of three sweet little grandsons, and has one handsome son-in-law.

laura_profile picLaura Kronos is the creator and host of Missional Women is married and has four kids, two of whom are adopted. Laura and her husband have been missionaries to college students for 11 years serving with Master Plan Ministries. Laura is the Staff Women’s Development Coordinator and has discipled over 150 girls, led over 30 Bible studies and speaks to college and women’s groups. Laura has authored 5 books, including an award winning 12 week Bible Study on First Samuel, Beholding Him, Becoming MissionalReach; How to Use Your Social Media Influence for the Glory of God, and A Devotional Journey through Judges, a devotional to accompany the free online Bible study at

suzie_resizeSuzie Lind blogs over at “Hemmed In”. She is the Women’s Pastor at King’s Harbor Church in Torrance, CA. At any given moment, and “in” just about every moment, she is teacher, mom, wife, leader, speaker, student, and writer. Her joys, gleanings and moments of sheer lunacy are birthed out of all these roles. Her greatest joy is soaking up the truths and revelations of God’s word, seeing Jesus moving among us and sharing with loved ones around a table, teaching Bible Study and writing on her blog, Hemmed In.

Suzie lives in San Pedro with her husband Steve and four boys, Jason (13), Silas (11), Judah (9) and Nathan (3). They also have a dog, a girl named Marley.

I hope you’ll find this new resource to be invaluable as you and your Women’s Ministry meet and plan together!

Follow Gina Duke / Churchtown Ministries’s board Must-Follow Women’s Ministry Leaders on Pinterest.

Planning, Technology July 18, 2014

5 Ways the Internet Undermines Your Ministry

I am amazed by all the resources and ideas that have popped up on the internet over the last 10 years.

Need an icebreaker idea? Google it.

Want to know what the Bible stays about a topic? Search for it.

While there is a wealth of information at our fingertips, we must take care not to put Google before God.

5 Ways the Internet Undermines Your Ministry #womensministry

Here are 5 Ways the internet can undermine your ministry:

1. We listen to bloggers instead of God.

2. We get our direction from Pinterest instead of seeking God’s direction for our events, themes, and Bible studies.

3. We are discouraged when we compare our numbers, our décor, and our budget with others.

4. Satan plants seeds of doubt and seeds of discontent.

5. We succumb to the pressure to do things bigger, bolder, and with more flair than we had intended.

When we spend time “googling” and “pinning” and not on our faces and in His Word, we lose focus of God’s message for our women.

We must take care not to put Google before God.

Ladies, please don’t be tempted to use a theme or event idea just because it popped up on your Pinterest feed.

Sure, God can still bless your efforts and your event, but you’ll miss out on what God had intended and planned for your ministry.

There is a reason you won’t (unless God redirects me) find lists of themes for your year and your event on this blog. I want God to give it to you! I don’t want to sway or influence you otherwise.

Yes, God can use this site and others out there to further your ministry, but as Matthew 6:33 (ESV) says, “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

Father, God, I ask you to give each one of us discernment as we sift through Women’s Ministry ideas on the internet. May the ideas we choose to use never undermine your plans for the women in our church and community. Help us to seek you first, above all else. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

So go ahead, close that browser down, and seek Him.

Planning, Technology July 11, 2014

New Community Pinterest Board

I love gathering and gleaning great Women’s Ministry ideas from all over the internet and I know many of you do too!

Ever wondered if there was an easy way for us to share our great finds? Well, there is!

Women's Community Board on Pinterest

I’ve set up a Women’s Ministry Community Pinterest Board for ALL of us to pin on!

What is a Community Board?

It’s a board that only group members can pin to. Others can see the board and view the pins, but they can’t add their own finds to the board without being an approved member.

What is the benefit of a Community Board?

It’s impossible for any one of us to capture and pin all the great Women’s Ministry ideas that are out there on the internet. When we all work together, sharing what we’ve found, our ministries benefit.

How do I join?

Admittedly, Pinterest has created a few hoops for you to jump through. So for now…

1. You must follow wmtoolbox on Pinterest. You’ve got to click the “follow all” button. However, if there are boards that don’t interest you, you can go in and individually un-follow those boards. But you can’t  un-follow all. I honestly don’t know what the magic number is that will allow you to be or not be a Community Board member.

2. Using your Pinterest connected email account (check your profile if needed), you will need to email me at: Cyndee@womensministrytoolbox (dot) com and request that I add you to the group. You can also use the Contact page.

3. When I see your email come through, I’ll add you to the group. I’ll try to be prompt, but a day or two of grace is appreciated. Thanks!

4. Once you’ve been approved – pin all the great event, food, décor, leadership, prayer, Bible study, etc. ideas that you stumble across. Try to check and make sure your pin is linked to an actual website/blog; if it’s just a photo and that is enough info that is okay to pin too (but noting it’s just a photo is greatly appreciated).

Umm…why don’t you have a lot of pins on the Community Board?

Yes, I could go through and pin every single post from my blog, and eventually they will probably all be there…but this is not about me.

It’s about YOU and what YOU have found that is helpful. While there aren’t many websites devoted to Women’s Ministry, there are a lot of bloggers that post great ideas that will benefit us as we seek to do ministry. There are also piles of great books and products that will equip us, make great door prizes, etc.

I view Women’s Ministry as a community, not a competition. We are all working together to bring women to Christ. We all seek to see women striving to become more like Christ. We all want to see God glorified.

If you’d like to contribute to the Community Board, I would love to have you!

If you’d just like to follow the board to glean and gather ideas, that’s okay too.

Clicking on the graphic below will take you straight to the board if you’d like to check it out!

Follow wmtoolbox’s board Women’s Ministry Community Board hosted by wmtoolbox on Pinterest.

Hope to see you on Pinterest!

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Planning, Technology October 8, 2013

Women’s Ministry Planning Using Pinterest

Women's Ministry Planning Using Pinterest

One of the very best places to find Women’s Ministry ideas right now is Pinterest!

Here are some ways to use Pinterest in planning your Women’s Ministry:

  1. Follow other Women’s Ministry boards to keep fresh ideas coming your way.
  2. Follow your favorite speaker on Pinterest.
  3. Regularly search Pinterest. Type “women’s ministry” in the search box. You can also search using hashtags.
  4. Install Pinterest on your favorites bar so you can easily pin ideas as you find them.
  5. Set up a Pinterest site for your Women’s Ministry Team – use it to share ideas and inspiration with your team members.
  6. Pin training and music videos.

Whether you opt to have one board, or many. The different ideas you could collect are endless!

Board Ideas:

  1. Baby showers
  2. Bible studies
  3. Bible verses
  4. Bridal showers
  5. Christmas ideas
  6. Craft ideas
  7. Decorations
  8. Fellowships
  9. Food
  10. Gifts/door prizes/happies
  11. Icebreakers
  12. Inspirational Quotes
  13. Leadership
  14. Loving on Others
  15. Mission Projects
  16. Mentoring
  17. Planning
  18. Prayer
  19. Publicity
  20. Retreat locations
  21. Retreat themes
  22. Speakers
  23. Supplies
  24. Volunteers

Tip: Make sure the link works (unless you’re only saving it for the idea in the photo).

Secret boards are hidden from public view on Pinterest and they are an awesome ministry planning tool!

We’ve successfully used Secret Pinterest Boards (you’ll have to manually share the board with others on your team) to plan our last retreat. We were able to easily save and share ideas for our retreat – without the rest of our friends and women at church being able to see them!

What other ways to do you use Pinterest in planning?

Be sure to follow me on Pinterest!

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Visit wmtoolbox’s profile on Pinterest.

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