10 Ideas for Ministry Appreciation Month

Did you know that October is Ministry Appreciation Month? I’ll admit, it’s not one I have marked on my calendar, but I should. Thank goodness it’s not too late to show some appreciation! Who is God asking you to encourage this month? Pastor Associate Pastor Music Director Children’s Minister Student/Youth Pastor Church Secretary Church Treasurer Deacon/Deaconess or Elder Women’s Ministry Team Publications … [Read more...]

What Your Pastor Wants You to Know

How’s your relationship with your Pastor? Do you feel like you can go to him when there’s a problem? Maybe you quake at the thought of meeting with him. (I've been there.) I’m betting there’s room for improvement… I hope today’s insights and truths will help you relate to and work better with your Pastor. Please note: These words are straight from the Pastor’s pen, but I’ve added bold lettering for emphasis. 10 Things Your … [Read more...]