Brand New Publicity Idea for Reaching Your Neighbors

Quite by accident I stumbled upon an effective, new publicity idea when I was working on promoting our Bible Journaling Event. That event is a perfect outreach event. The problem lies in getting the word out. But I figured out a new way how to get the word out! Perhaps, like me, you live in a big neighborhood and know only a few of your neighbors. You may wave at most of the folks living on your block, but inviting them to church may … [Read more...]

Evening Women’s Bible Study in Panama

My husband and I recently traveled with SCORE International to Panama. We tagged along with Justin, our former Youth Pastor, his wife, Megan, and the College and Career Class from our former church. It was our first-ever mission trip. Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be sharing specifically about how we “did women’s ministry” in Panama. You never know when God may send you to love on women in another country or another community. It is my … [Read more...]

Who is God asking your women’s ministry to adopt?

I’m not talking about sponsoring a child through Food for the Hungry (though our family does) or adopting a Sunday school class. I want you to think BIGGER. What group in your community could use some love and encouragement? A few years ago God allowed witness what happened when our women’s ministry adopted the women at a local abuse shelter. Doing so radically changed the direction of our women’s ministry and our women’s … [Read more...]

The Next Big Thing in Women’s Ministry

  Do you hear it? Do you sense it? There’s a subtle shift happening in women’s ministry. Women across the world are stepping up and taking part. There’s a movement amongst women to get personal. Build relationships. Be authentic. Women are inviting their friends and neighbors into their homes to share life and to share Jesus. Women aren’t just attending Bible studies at church; they are hosting Bible … [Read more...]

My Message in a Box

What if you could whisper a message in the ear of a child in another country? What if you could send that boy or girl a box filled with gifts especially for them? What would you say to them? What would you send? This is the challenge I was given for Operation Christmas Child this year. Our family has been packing shoe boxes for at least 10 years now. Most of our boxes have been packed for boys the same age as ours (now 15 and … [Read more...]

Using Pinterest to Reach Women in Your Church and Community

Reaching women via the latest technology is challenging. Many women in the church are already active on Pinterest. Setting up a Pinterest site for your Women's Ministry allows you to meet them where they are. What should you pin? Consider some of these ideas: Sermon podcast/links (in line with your church doctrine) Christian music videos Bible verses Encouraging quotes (be mindful and only use source that compliment your church’s … [Read more...]

Encouragement: Blessing Bags

*Please note: This post contains affiliate links. Should you chose to make a purchase, I may receive a small commission which helps to cover the cost of this site. Your support is greatly appreciated! Earlier this year, our Women's Ministry Team hosted a fellowship for our women to come together to make Blessing Bags. We decorated the bags and asked each woman in attendance to take their bag and pass it to another woman in our church or … [Read more...]