Day 25 – Name Tag Tips for Your Retreat

Name tags are a must for every women’s ministry event. Retreats are no exception! Today I’m going to share: What types of name tags are best for you to use on your retreat What you should put on your name tags Additional uses for your name tags What types of name tags are best? You want to give your women a name tag that can be used for the duration of your retreat. I recommend purchasing either clip on name tags like … [Read more...]

Do we have to wear name tags?

Name tags – you either love them or you hate them! Often a group reaches a point and wonders, is it safe to put away the name tags? We all know each other, right? I was once a part of a Bible study that for weeks had faithfully set out name tags at each meeting. (Yes!!) Then one week, without warning, they just disappeared. I’m sure the coordinator thought that by then we were all familiar with each other. Since we were closer to the … [Read more...]

Creative Uses for Name Tags

In my post "Why Name Tags are Important", I strongly suggest using name tags at every women's ministry event. While name tags can be as simple as a white sticker or those "hello my name is" badges, I encourage you to get creative. Creative uses for name tags include: Décor - Carry the theme of the event onto your name tags. Door prizes - Place a sticker or colored dot on the back side of the name tags and ask the women to take a … [Read more...]

Why Name Tags are Important

Please note this post contains affiliate links. You won't pay a penny more, but I may receive a small commission which helps to support this blog. I recently attended a large outreach event and noticed neither the team or the participants had name tags. Name tags and directional signs are near the tip-top of my checklist for Event Day. Why name tags are important: Assist with name recall (for brain fog, lack of sleep, or memory … [Read more...]