A Fresh (and much needed) Perspective on Mentoring

*Please note this post contains affiliate links. The stereotypical picture of mentoring is of two women, one older than another, meeting weekly to study the scriptures for a set number of months. The problem is that in many churches these types of formal "mentoring programs" just aren't working. Churches are finding that their women are “programmed-out”. Their women see mentoring programs as one more thing to cram into their over-stuffed … [Read more...]

Mentoring Programs and Resources

There are a number of different ways that you can implement a Mentoring Ministry. So many in fact that you may find it confusing! I've broken mentoring resources and programs into 5 different categories that I hope will help your team as you build or refresh your Mentoring Ministry. Mentoring comes in all shapes and sizes. Just as women have different needs, so do churches. I am praying God will clearly direct your team as you seek His will … [Read more...]

Changing False Assumptions Women Make About Mentoring

The word “mentoring” carries a lot of baggage. Women make certain assumptions, many of which cause them to run from mentoring. Here are a few assumptions women make about mentoring: 1. It’s always an older woman meeting with a younger woman – It’s not about age. It’s about experience. One woman just needs to be a little further along in her spiritual walk than the other. Every woman of every age can benefit from a mentor. 2. It’s … [Read more...]

Why Women Are Running From Mentoring

Mentoring – it’s one of the biggest buzz words in Women’s Ministry right now. Leaders are starting up new mentoring ministries in churches across the country. They see mentoring meeting a huge need women have. It all looks great from the outside, but the problem is women aren’t embracing the idea of mentoring. In order to get women to embrace mentoring, we need to look at why they are running. Why women are running from … [Read more...]