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Mission Projects May 2, 2014

Mission Project: Bless Them With Band-Aids

Mission Project: Bless them with Band-Aids

Two weeks ago a friend of mine posted a request on Facebook for character Band-Aids. She was making this request on behalf of a young boy named Eli who is receiving chemo treatments.

I was completely unaware that nurses, and not the hospital, supply those colorful and fun cartoon Band-Aids that bring a smile to every child’s face.

Sadly hospitals supply just plain, ugly brown Band-Aids.

Y’all it just melted my heart that in the midst of all that he is going through, Eli was thinking of others…

If you’ve ever witnessed a child showing off their superhero or Barbie Band-Aid, you know what a big impact a few Band-Aids can make.

Even seemingly small donations can have a great impact.

So here’s my challenge for you and the women at your church: collect cartoon Band-Aids at one of your next Women’s Ministry events and donate them to your local children’s hospital.

Please do me a favor – don’t pass a basket for money. It can creates embarrassment for those who truly cannot give.

Just collect the Band-Aids.

Would you do this for Eli and all those other children that need a reason to smile?

I would love to hear if your team decides to take on the Band-Aid Mission Project.

Leave me a note of your location so I can pass the news onto Eli!

Crafts May 24, 2013

Thrifty Craft Projects

Thrifty Craft Projects

Whether you’re setting up a variety of craft stations or looking for a project to take on a mission trip, these thrifty craft projects require minimal materials and minimal prep.

I just love this idea for Washer Jewelry.

washer jewelry(source)

Drop by your local hardware store to purchase the washers, spray paint them (I’d do that in advance in a variety of colors), and let your ladies choose their rub-ons and cord. In addition to purchasing the rub-ons (often in the scrapbook/stamp section) at your local craft store, you might be able to find them at your local dollar store. Adding a few crystals could be fun to! Spray with clear sealer to protect.

Years ago I made Marble Magnets like these during a moms group meeting.

marble magnets(source)

Start by gathering some scrapbook paper, cards, magazines, or wrapping paper from the women in your group (crafters will have plenty of paper they’d be happy to bring). All you’ll need to purchase are the round magnets and the glue (use E6000). One thing we did not do, that Coconut Love suggests, is to use a 3/4 inch circle punch. That will make things MUCH easier! It is hard to cut a good circle. The glue is not super cheap, but you’ll only need two SMALL drops for each magnet. Make good use of those 40% off craft store coupons. 😉

You may want to have each woman make six coordinating magnets and put them in an Altoids tin (you can now find plain tins in a similar size on several craft sites).

You can even do these as a Christmas craft by using Christmas cards or Christmas wrapping paper to make Christmas themed magnets.

Consider making a craft project a missions/ministry project (gifts for women at the local shelter, etc.) and you’ll attract more than just the “crafty” women at your church.

Crafts, Fellowships, Mission Projects April 29, 2013

Local Mission Project Idea: No-Sew Fleece Blankets


Project: No-Sew Fleece Blankets (lap and child-size)

Purpose: To provide homebound church members and homebound friends with lap blankets. Children’s blankets were delivered to a local shelter. We were told it would be the only new thing most of those children would have… tears…

Cost: Varies. Our team used coupons/sales to minimize the cost of the project. We spent approximately $900 and made about 48 blankets.

Needed supplies:  2 cuts of 1 1/2 yards (for throws) of fleece fabric per throw (coordinating prints and solids look especially nice); sharp fabric scissors (one for pair of women),  4 inch cardboard squares, one table per pair/team.


1. Lay the fabric out and cut off the rough edges.

2. Place both pieces together with the wrong sides facing each other and smooth them out and line them up. Cut, as needed, so that both pieces are the same size.

3. Keeping the fabrics together cut a 4 inch-square piece out of each corner. (Use premade 4 inch cardboard squares.)

4. Working through both layers together, go down each side and make cuts for your fringe 1 ½ to 2 inches wide. Try hard not to cut in more than the 4 inches. A ruler, or the cardboard square, is very helpful as a guide! Make your cuts on all four sides before you start tying the fringe.

5.  Time to Tie – “Looping” the strands instead of tying them, makes for a prettier and nicer border. To loop (rather than tie), keep the two strands together, raise them up, wrap around your finger, and pull back thru to the front. You want a nice firm, but not tight, knot. Once all of your fringe is knotted you are finished. Tie all of the knots the same way on each side of the blanket.

Distribution: Many of the women at the event signed up to take a blanket and deliver it. We had a sign-up sheet so they could list the recipient and prevent any duplicate deliveries. Extras were given to our Senior Adult Pastor along with a copy of the distribution list. Blankets for the children were taken to the shelter.

Personal touches: A team of our “scrapbook ladies” made beautiful tags for each blanket that let them know they were from our church and women’s ministry. We folded each blanket, tied with ribbon, and attached a tag.

Consider: Prepping the materials in advance. Our team of about 8 women spent over 3 hours sorting, matching, and sizing the fleece (matching patterns and solids) prior to the actual fellowship.

Results: We received an overwhelming number of thank you notes from this project and the participants just loved it! Our team would love to do this again sometime!