Mission Project: Operation Sandwich

You may have seen my Facebook post or Tweet about making 800 sandwiches recently. Operation Sandwich has become an annual project for the Women’s Ministry at the church we've recently started attending. Having never attempted to make 800 sandwiches in an evening, I was really looking forward to participating. The Urban Ministry Center in Charlotte distributes around 800 sandwiches every day to the homeless in Charlotte. Churches and … [Read more...]

Mission Project: Bless Them With Band-Aids

Two weeks ago a friend of mine posted a request on Facebook for character Band-Aids. She was making this request on behalf of a young boy named Eli who is receiving chemo treatments. I was completely unaware that nurses, and not the hospital, supply those colorful and fun cartoon Band-Aids that bring a smile to every child’s face. Sadly hospitals supply just plain, ugly brown Band-Aids. Y'all it just melted my heart that in the midst of … [Read more...]

Thrifty Craft Projects

Whether you're setting up a variety of craft stations or looking for a project to take on a mission trip, these thrifty craft projects require minimal materials and minimal prep. I just love this idea for Washer Jewelry. (source) Drop by your local hardware store to purchase the washers, spray paint them (I'd do that in advance in a variety of colors), and let your ladies choose their rub-ons and cord. In addition to purchasing the rub-ons … [Read more...]

Local Mission Project Idea: No-Sew Fleece Blankets

Project: No-Sew Fleece Blankets (lap and child-size) Purpose: To provide homebound church members and homebound friends with lap blankets. Children's blankets were delivered to a local shelter. We were told it would be the only new thing most of those children would have... tears... Cost: Varies. Our team used coupons/sales to minimize the cost of the project. We spent approximately $900 and made about 48 blankets. Needed supplies:  2 … [Read more...]