Women’s Ministry Team Job Descriptions – Part 2

Our list of Women's Ministry Team job descriptions continues today! You can find the first 6 job descriptions in the first post - Women's Ministry Team Job Descriptions Part 1 as well as an overview of why job descriptions are important. The women who serve in most of the following 12 job positions will likely oversee at smaller team of individuals. Those teams are a great place for women to serve in a smaller capacity in your women's … [Read more...]

Women’s Ministry Team Job Descriptions – Part 1

Our “How to Build a Women’s Ministry Team” mini-series continues today with a look at Women’s Ministry Team job descriptions. In my last post “What positions do you need to fill on your team?” I gave you a whopping 18 examples of possible positions for your team. Yikes! I do not expect God to ask you to fill all 18.  Please ask Him where your holes are and where He wants you to expand your team. Your Pastor will have some good … [Read more...]