10 Ideas for Ministry Appreciation Month

Did you know that October is Ministry Appreciation Month? I’ll admit, it’s not one I have marked on my calendar, but I should. Thank goodness it’s not too late to show some appreciation! Who is God asking you to encourage this month? Pastor Associate Pastor Music Director Children’s Minister Student/Youth Pastor Church Secretary Church Treasurer Deacon/Deaconess or Elder Women’s Ministry Team Publications … [Read more...]

8 Ways to Encourage One Another

Encouragement. I could sure use some. Could you? I’m guessing we all know several women in our lives that could use an encouraging word or gesture. Did you see that single mom at church on Sunday struggling with her two-year old? What about your team member that worked her tail off pulling together your last women’s ministry event? Or the neighbor down the street that faces a daily battle with a chronic illness? God tells us we … [Read more...]

Gifts that Impact Women’s Lives

*Affiliate links follow. I like jewelry.  A lot. So when the opportunity to create a custom handmade piece of jewelry that would support women who are working to overcome difficult circumstances landed in my inbox I didn’t hesitate. Today I want to share a resource with you for beautiful products made by women locally and globally who have overcome challenges ranging from prostitution to addiction to a lack of opportunity. As sisters … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Door Prize Ideas

Chances are the plans for your Mother’s Day event will soon be kicking into high gear! I am here to help! I can waste spend a lot of time flipping through catalogs and browsing websites looking for just the perfect door prize gifts. Can you relate? When I find an item I love, I buy multiples and give everyone the same door prize. Other times I stick with a set dollar amount and get a variety of things. I thought it might be … [Read more...]

Women’s Ministry Leader Gift Guide

Looking for something special to give to your Women’s Ministry Leader this Christmas? Or maybe you're shopping for your Sunday school teacher, church secretary, Bible study leader, or best friend? I’ve got a few gift ideas for you! There's something for every budget - these items ranges from $3.99-$25. Each one can be found at Christian Book Distributor. It's a site I order from often. I find their prices are very competitive, … [Read more...]

Women’s Ministry Team Gift Guide

Christmas is fast approaching and chances are you have a small amount budgeted for gifts for your Women's Ministry Team. Not sure what to give them? Looking for a fresh gift idea? I've put together a list of ideas and links for you. I know you're on a budget, so I've made sure that all of these ideas are $10 or less (at the time of this posting). *Please note all of these are affiliate links. You don't pay a penny more, but I … [Read more...]

Gift Idea: Homemade Hot Chocolate

Years ago this recipe was shared by a dear friend at a Christmas meeting for our "mommy group". Ever since this cocoa mix has been shared with friends, teachers, bus drivers, Bible study buddies, Women's Ministry volunteers, and others who have crossed our path. It is really, really good - so much so that I used to keep the recipe a secret but would honor any and all requests for more. How to use the cocoa: 1. Give it as a gift to … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Bless Your Team This Christmas

Looking for some ways to bless your Women's Ministry Team this Christmas? One of the ideas below is sure to bless their socks off! Word to the wise -  you're setting a precedent for the next year and even the next leader. Choose something simple that can easily be repeated in a similar fashion. In no particular order: 1. Send them a handwritten Christmas card. 2. Gift them with a Christmas devotional (purchased or printed from … [Read more...]

Women’s Ministry Door Prize Idea

  Are you looking for a great women's ministry door prize idea? Do you have a retreat, conference, or big women's ministry event coming up? I've got a great idea to share with you! Our women loved these door prizes that we put together for our Table Event! We included: 1.  Devotional book (from CTA Inc.) 2. $5 gift cards from Chick-Fil-A 3. 4 Hershey Nuggets Our total cost including the gift bags was about $9.50 … [Read more...]