Why I Don’t Do Bible Games

I opened up Pinterest recently and groaned when I saw the “Bible games” in my feed. I know you’ve seen them – Bible Jeopardy, Bible Trivia, Match the Bible Couples, etc. “Bible games” are great for people who know the Bible. Who’ve had a chance to finish every lesson and attend every small group session. My problem is this -  “Bible games” make those we want to reach run in the opposite direction. The very people we want to reach, … [Read more...]

Game: Dract (Draw + Act)

Dract (Draw + Act) Dract is a hybrid of Charades and Pictionary. Playing cards direct players to either act or draw the clue for their team. Group Size: 6 -24 people Time Needed: about 20 minutes Supplies:  Chalkboard and chalk, dry erase board and marker, or pad of paper and pen; playing cards printed and cut; bag to place playing cards inside; timer or stopwatch (most smart phones have a stopwatch app). Click links to download … [Read more...]

Christmas: Wrap It Up Game

  This is one of my absolute, favorite games to play at Christmas parties. It always catches the group by surprise! The key is keeping the item they'll be wrapping a surprise! (Shhhh...they are going to wrap one of their team members!) Christmas Wrap it Up Game Group size:  9 or more Time needed:   Approximately 20 minutes from start to finish Supplies needed: For each team: 1 roll of wrapping paper, 1 pair of scissors, 1 roll of … [Read more...]