Christmas Version: What’s on ur phone?

Last week I shared a brand new, created just-for-you, icebreaker called "What's on ur phone?". I thought it would be fun to come up with a Christmas version too! Christmas icebreakers are a must for any Christmas fellowship you may be planning for your women's ministry team, Bible study, small group, or Youth. This game is bound to bring about laughter and fun as women scramble to locate Christmas songs, Christmas-related photos, texts … [Read more...]

High School Memories Bingo (Free Printable)

Perfect for fall or anytime of year, this original High School Memories Bingo game is the perfect icebreaker for your women's ministry fellowship, Bible study kick-off, or small group. It's certain to jump-start some interesting conversations as your group members thinks back to their glorious, or maybe not so glorious, high school days. Your group is bound to learn something new about each other as you work the room searching for a … [Read more...]

Icebreaker: Meet Your Match

During a Women's Ministry event, do you ever look around the room and notice a lack of conversation? Are women stuck in the same groups of familiar faces? "Meet Your Match" gently draws women out of their regular circle of friends by encouraging them to uncover matching experiences and interests with others in the room. Think - instant conversation starters! Game: Meet Your Match Group size: 10+; great for really large … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Game: Pass the Package

Hidden amongst the Christmas games, you may have come across the Mother’s Day version of “Pass the Package.” Not only is it worthy of it's own post but I've also decided to create a second Mother's Day version, seeing as not everyone is having a tea-party themed event. You are going to need lots of wrapping paper and an assortment of boxes to pull this off. (Use up those remnants in your closet and/or grab some rolls at the Dollar … [Read more...]

Icebreaker Game: What’s inside your car?

  Years ago our MOPS group had a scavenger hunt in the parking lot! Our ladies raced out to the parking lot and laughed as they dug through the items in their cars trying to score as many points as possible. It was one of our most memorable games by far! I've created my own version of this fun game for you to use for your next Women's Ministry, small group, or MOPS meeting.   Game: Vehicle Scavenger Hunt Group … [Read more...]

The Great Valentine Candy Pass

In need of a quick Valentine's Day icebreaker? The Great Valentine Candy Pass is a quick and easy icebreaker. It's perfect for a smaller group, but easily adaptable to large groups. The Great Valentine Candy Pass Supplies: 2-4 wrapped, hard candies (such as mints) per person; bag(s) or bowl(s) for each group to contain candies; printed list of questions Participants needed: Group of at least 6; multiple groups seated at separate tables … [Read more...]

Icebreaker: Christmas Connection (Free Printable)

Christmas Connection is a great Christmas icebreaker to use for your Women's Ministry Christmas event. It's a game that is certain to get your group moving and connecting. Christmas Connection Group size: 8 or more Time needed: Approx. 15 minutes (larger groups will likely need more time) Supplies: One copy of Christmas Connection (click to download free PDF) per person; 1 pen/pencil per person; clock/timer. Instructions: … [Read more...]

Icebreaker: 4 C’s (Free Printable)

Great icebreakers provide opportunities for participants to discover interesting information that links them to each other. When you use the 4 C's icebreaker you may discover that another person in your group longs to travel to the island of Grenada, shares a similar dream, or knows how to cook your favorite cuisine. Take the time to help your women make those connections and build those relationships. Even those women that know each other … [Read more...]

Icebreaker: Roll & Poll (Free Printable)

Great for small and large groups, this icebreaker can be used over and over again. It's never the same game twice! Icebreaker: Roll & Poll Group size: Groups of 4-8 Time needed: 10 minutes Supplies: One dice and one playing card per group. Three versions are available for you to print out for free. Choose from Roll and poll version1, Roll and poll version 2, and roll and poll bible version . (Click on links to open PDF … [Read more...]

Icebreaker: Four Corners

This Four Corners Icebreaker is one of my top five favorite icebreaker games to play. It gets people moving, mixing, and mingling! Icebreaker: Four Corners Group size: 6 or more (especially fun with large groups) Time needed: 10-15 minutes or so Supplies: Four signs for your 4 corners (labeled 1, 2, 3, 4); tape to hang signs; list of categories; a microphone or very loud voice. You will need enough room for the group to move … [Read more...]

Icebreaker: If (Free Printable)

Out of the box questions help bring folks out of their boxes. The "If" Game is a great icebreaker for a Women's Ministry fellowship, small group meeting, or team meeting. Spiritual questions (i.e.. If you could take a mission trip anywhere in the world, where would you go?) are sprinkled amongst hypotheticals (i.e.. If money were no object, what one thing would you want to buy?). I'm always amazed at what seemingly random questions will … [Read more...]

Icebreaker: Marooned

Icebreakers are a Women's Ministry Leader's best friend. Want to get the entire group talking? Do an icebreaker! Want visitors to connect quickly? Do an icebreaker! Want to inject a little fun into your event? Do an icebreaker! We almost always, with rare exception, plan an icebreaker for every Women's Ministry event and fellowship. This one's a keeper! Be sure to use the print button to make a copy. Group size: 8+; divided into … [Read more...]