Procedures, Forms, and Documents Your Women’s Ministry Team Needs

Last summer I joined the women’s ministry team at our (new to us) church. I asked a lot of questions at that first meeting. How do I submit a receipt? When do I need to get my publicity submitted for the next church newsletter? Are we responsible for purchasing coffee for our Bible studies? Most of my questions were related to procedures. Having served on three different women’s ministry teams in three different churches, I’ve … [Read more...]

5 Tools for You to Use in 2015

There’s something about January that makes me want to purchase plastic totes. I want to take stock in what I have, get rid of the excess, and organize what I need want to keep. As your team enters into a new calendar year, I want to encourage you to do a little housekeeping. Clean out that women’s ministry closet or cabinet. Do a little organizing. Review your ministry plans for this next year. Here are five tools that your … [Read more...]

Tip 26 – Women’s Ministry Information Form (Free Printable)

Welcome to 31 days of Women's Ministry Tips! Two of the biggest requests I had from readers via my survey in September 2014 were: Forms Ideas for recruiting volunteers This Women’s Ministry Information Card is a form you can use to collect information on your women as well as recruit volunteers. Collecting names, phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses can help you build a database. Use those addresses for … [Read more...]

Tip 21- Year-at-a-Glance Form

Welcome to 31 days of Women's Ministry Tips! What does your women's ministry calendar look like? Do you have too many events planned for the fall? When is the next newsletter due to go out? Should your team add another mission project? Which Bible studies did you offer last fall? There are so many different events and activities going on within your Women’s Ministry that it can be hard to keep up! I created this Women’s … [Read more...]

Tip 5 – Childcare Forms (Free Printable)

Welcome to 31 Women's Ministry Tips! Tip #5 is a Childcare Form. Childcare is critical for many of the moms in your church and community. Without it they are unable to attend Women’s Ministry events. Comfortable moms and comfortable kids are more likely to return. One way to make them comfortable is to collect information about: Allergies Naptimes Pacifier Use Feeding Schedules Our team created this form several years … [Read more...]