Day 11 – What will you eat on your retreat?

Food. For some of us (myself included) food is a big deal. When we’re away for the weekend and we don’t have to cook, we want to enjoy the food we eat. We don’t just want it to be okay, we want it to be good! Really good, if possible! Today I’m going to talk through various food situations and offer a few tips. No matter where you’re staying, chances are you’ll have some choices to make about what your women eat. Things to … [Read more...]

Tip 7 – Transform Your Coffee Station

Welcome to 31 Women's Ministry Tips! Tip #7 is all about transforming your coffee station from boring to extraordinary. Coffee. It’s become a fixture in many churches. It’s expected at most morning Bible studies. It’s prepped in big pots to wake up your MOPS mommas. It probably goes without saying that most of your women find a good cup of coffee a treat. Coffee is not necessary, but it is most appreciated. Here are 5 … [Read more...]

10 Tips for Serving Food Faster

The speed at which food is served at Women’s Ministry events can make or break your schedule and  your guest’s experience. Nobody likes: Waiting for their food Cold food To be the last table served Getting food out fast is a challenge! I’ve got 10 tips to share with you today to help you get food out faster. 1. Set up double buffet lines. Pull those tables away from the wall and have lines going down both sides of the … [Read more...]

Addressing Diets & Food Allergies

Do you all struggle as much as I do with selecting foods for events? There's so much to take into consideration. There are women who must follow a low-sodium diet, a low-sugar diet, or a low-fat diet. There are those that have food allergies such as dairy, eggs, or peanuts. Others have a gluten intolerance. There's also a lot of women that are just trying to eat healthier. God has been softening my heart over this issue for … [Read more...]

Fellowship Food Fix

Food costs can quickly sink your Women’s Ministry budget for an event. I know a team that grew tired of making food for every event so they decided to add a line to their budget. They budgeted around $125 for food from Sam’s Club. Which is okay. Except this was for a gathering of only about 25 women. Ya’all that’s at least $5 per person for snacks. For most of our budgets that's too much... My heart sinks thinking about how … [Read more...]

Food Bars

  Need a quick and easy solution for the food for your next women's ministry event? Set up a Food Bar! I love the ease of self-serve and the pretty rows of little bowls, plates, and food! With allergy and food issues becoming more common, food bars often give these women options that might not otherwise have. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert - I've got ya' covered! Let's take a look! (source) Individual Fruit Pizza Bar - keep … [Read more...]

3 Easy and Creative Ways to Serve Fruit at Your Next Event

I'm always on the look out for creative ideas for serving food at our women's ministry events. I personally like to balance the offerings with something sweet, something salty, and something healthy. Often those sweet and salty treats are off limits for women with allergy issues and those who are on diet. Fruit is a great healthy option for those women who might not be able to eat anything else on the snack table. I've gathered and … [Read more...]